April 12, 2011

Six Foot Tall Megalodon Shark Jaw Coming to NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

Zoo and Aquarium Visitor
By: Alex Moore

Kure Beach, NC- Visitors to the Crabtree Valley Mall in Raleigh have been pleasantly greeted by a six foot tall Megalodon shark jaw since September 2010. In a matter of weeks that jaw will be packed up and shipped south in preparation for the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher’s new exhibit Megaladon: Diving with North Carolina’s Ultimate Predator.

Similar to modern day sharks and rays, Megalodon was a cartilaginous fish. The only remaining scientific evidence from this extinct predator is teeth. Ranging in length from four to six inches, the teeth indicate that this animal was massive, approximately 50-60 feet.

The jaw will soon be displayed in a new interactive exhibit scheduled to open at the Aquarium in mid-June...

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