April 10, 2011

Joel Macon vs Michael Galeotti: Who Takes Down the Buffalo Wild Wing Challenge?

There was a nail biter of a challenge at Buffalo Wild Wings in Monkey Junction today. Carolina Beach Mayor Joel Macon and four friends decided that today, April 10th, 2011, was the day that they were going to take on the legendary Buffalo Wild Wing Challenge.

The challenge rules are simple, eat 12 of their "Blazin" wings in under six minutes. The contender is not allowed to consume any liquids during the challenge and is not allowed to wipe their mouths or touch their face until all twelve wings are devoured. Simple enough if you don't mind skin numbing sauce smoldering on your lips for minutes at a time.

As the moment of 'do it' approached, an internal challenge within the group sprang up between Mayor Macon and Micheal Galeotti, band member with
Enation and husband to Joy Galeotti from One Tree Hill. The two began strutting their gastronomical toughness as if they were NBC peacocks looking for love. It wasn't long before the two were were locked in a head to head gentleman's bet that they could each outdo the others finishing time. So, the challenge was laid, and it was time to get on with the chicken business at hand.

Michael, who had the advantage of youth and stomach firmness, was able to chow down on his poultry opposition with blinding speed and ultimately knock out the Mayor for the win. But true to his political fortitude, the Mayor stayed focus and completed the challenge with time to spare.

So, as both men shook hands and congratulated each other on completing such a fiery feat, they both had to bow down to the only woman in the group who beat them all with a finishing time of 3:22. But in the end, it didn't really matter who won as all five earned a "Blazin Challenge Survivor" t-shirt. Was it worth it? They won't be able to answer that question until later tomorrow morning.
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