March 15, 2011

Worst Case Scenario, Pleasure Island, NC Could See 6 Foot Tsunami

As several area news organizations take a closer look at our area and the safety of the Progress Energy's nuclear power plant in Brunswick County, N.C, the Sun News in Myrtle Beach took a different angle and looked into the possibility of a large Tsunami hitting the general area.

The good news is that the odds of any sizable wave hitting our shores are slim. But if those slim odds came due one day, "scientists who study earthquakes and tsunamis say the most likely worst-case scenario for the Grand Strand would be a 9.0 quake in the Puerto Rico Trench, a 500-mile long undersea gash in the earth that lies southeast of us... If that were to happen, northeastern South Carolina would likely see a 6-foot tsunami within four to five hours."

As for the Brunswick nuclear plant, a spokesperson stated that the earthquake risk was factored into the design.

Check out the full story, it's pretty interesting:

•2010 Brunswick Nuclear Plant
Safety Pamphlet
•For anyone who is a gluten for punishment, you can listen to a full volume test of their
warning sirens.
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