March 6, 2011

When Does Britt's Donuts Open for the 2011 Season?

Every year in early spring, I can count on several things happening: weeds begin to green the lawn, tourist start arriving on weekends, new visitors appear at the bird feeder, and the number of google searches for Britt's Donuts begin to surge.

It is an annual event here at Carolina Beach...trying to find out when Britt's Donuts opens for the season. People from all over the island try to work their sources to ferret out the magical date. Whether large sums of money exchange hands is unknown, but people will do what they have to in order to find the date. Why? Well, come this time of year, people are ready to leave all signs of old man winter behind and embrace the first hints of Summer by devouring a hot, yummy Britt's donut. This ritual is one of the Island's true indicators that summer is near.

Well search no longer, the answer is in. The good folks over at the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce have posted on their
Facebook page a photo of a handwritten sign taped to the entrance of Britt's.

Opening Date:
•Friday, March 25th @ 4:00pm
For the remainder of the off-season:
•Saturday & Sunday only from 8:30am until late

Summer Hours:
typically Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day
•8:30am until 11:00pm
•7 Days a Week

I can never pass up an opportunity to post this photo of Britt's menu. I don't know if it is fact, but with only four items on the menu, I wouldn't be surprised if Britt's holds the record for the smallest menu.
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