March 13, 2011

SandSweepers: Beach Clean Up at Kure Beach Pier March 26th

I just received a heads up about a cool new blog that focuses on keeping Pleasure Island beaches clean. The blog is appropriately titled "Litter Sucks."

It turns out they will be having a clean up event at Kure Beach on March 26th starting at 10am. Here's the write up for the event:

Kure Pier is the location for the first organized litter pickup by the SandSweepers, a tiny little subcommittee of the Island Women’s environmental committee.

The pickup is not just for island dwellers or women, so please join us from 10-10:30 a.m. on Saturday, March 26. We will meet at the beach access next to the pier just before 10:00. Please bring anything you’ll need, like gloves and trash bags.

Energetic people who like to crawl are encouraged to explore under the pier, where a wealth of debris tends to reside. We’re also hoping to get a cigarette butt count so keep track if you can.

If you can’t join us here, please pick up litter somewhere. It’ll make the planet

So make sure to click the link and check out the blog. The blog author has spent a lot of time walking our beaches picking up litter and particularly, cigarette butts. She reminds us that one person can make a difference. So lets all pitch in and scoop up any litter we may see when enjoying our wonderful island beaches.
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