March 14, 2011

Guest Photographer Series: Scenic Images from Around Pleasure Island by Alexander G. Torres

Here are some cool photos from around Pleasure Island, NC. The photographer is Alexander G. Torres and he has been nice enough to share the photos with our blog readers.

Alexander has a unique photographic style which he described as the following: "Most of my photos are taken with inexpensive low grade cameras; I have very little interest in the technical aspects of photography. I love the imperfections, the under and over exposed, lens flairs, vignette, cross-process, all the funky and uncontrollable, the surprises. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do."

Well Alexander, I sure did enjoy looking through your photos and must say, it was difficult narrowing down the list to come up with this blog post. Also, you can check out more photos on his website:

NOTE: If anyone else has some favorite photos from Pleasure Island and would like to share them with blog readers, please send an email to admin@carolinabeachtoday -Thanks.

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