February 10, 2011

Rules for Visiting the North End (Freeman Park) in Carolina Beach, NC

Freeman Park is the name of the undeveloped north end of Carolina Beach, NC stretching from the end of Canal Drive all the way to the inlet near Masonboro Island. People driving vehicles with 4 wheel drive capacity can drive right on the beach with either a $20 day pass purchased at the gate or a $100 (effective May 15, 2010) Freeman Park 4WD Vehicle Access Permit purchased at specified locations.

Bring your surfboard, your ocean kayak, your surf fishing gear, your camping gear, or just your towel and a good book to enjoy the fun and freedom of Freeman Park. You can even bring your dogs on the beach - but please observe the leash law in effect.

The following are the Official Freeman Park Rules and Regulations:

•Do not walk or drive on the dunes or disturb the dune fencing and signs. This is a no tresspassing area subject to fines of $100.00 up to $1,000.00 and may result in immediate permit revocation.

•Littering of any kind is strictly prohibited. Do not leave any type trash on the beach. This includes but is not limited to cigarette butts, fishing tackle, campfire remains, pet waste, and other trash. Littering fines are $50.00 for first violations and $100.00 for each following violations. If you bring it in, take it out.
•No glass containers are allowed on the beach. There is a $100.00 fine for violation.
•Waste water from self-contained vehicles must be kept in a holding tank and may NOT be emptied in Freeman Park.
•Wooden shipping pallets are not allowed within the Freeman Park boundaries.

Driving on the Beach
•Maximum speed limit for driving on the beach is 15 mph.
•No vehicles parking or driving on wet sand. No driving is allowed between the water line and the high tide crest.
•Cutting circles or otherwise defacing the beach is prohibited. Be safe and courteous to others.

•Campfires are allowed all year. All fires must be in approved fire pits. Camping and/or fires in designated areas only. No camping or fires are allowed within 25 feet of dune or vegetation line.
•Burning of trash or construction grade materials is not allowed. Natural wood only.
•Fires may not be left unattended and must be extinguished with water, NOT SAND. You must clean up after your fire.

•Dogs are allowed between October 1st and March 31st off leash as long as they remain under voice command and the owner is within a reasonable distance from the pet. Dogs are not allowed on the public beaches of Freeman Park from April 1st to September 30h without a leash. The owners of a dog(s) who harms or causes offenses or damages to the public, or who deposits waste upon public land or property, will be held responsible for such action and immediate waste clean up. Dog owners must carry a plastic bag, or other suitable plastic or paper container, that can e used to clean up and contain dog waste until it can be disposed of in an appropriate container. The bag must be produced and shown upon request. Clean up after your pet. Failure to do so will result in a $50.00 fine.

Sea Turtles & Other Wildlife
•Sea Turtles are protected by the Endangered Species Act. It's unlawful to harass, harm, capture, or collect sea turtle eggs, live or dead hatchings, juveniles or adults. Violators can be prosecuted under civil and criminal laws and assessed heavy penalties.
•Do not shine lights or snap flash photos at wildlife. Turn off all lights in the immediate vicinity of turtle nests.

Carolina Beach Police Department at 910-798-4200 (non-emergency number).

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