February 16, 2011

Photos: Beach Sunrise in Front of the Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Here are a few images from this morning's beautiful sunrise. With temperatures expected to near 60 today (70's by the weekend), it seemed like a good idea to throw on some shorts and flip flops and head to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk to catch the sunrise. I guess I should have paid closer attention to Eric Davis (WECT) this morning as it was still in the upper 30's at sunup. The shorts were fine but after awhile, my toes had something to say.

In the photos you'll see one of the old lifeguard stands as well as one of the new ones. If you are a business and are looking for a unique and positive way to advertise, the Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is still looking for sponsors for the new stands.

And one quick note on the Boardwalk, I noticed that there has been a fair bit of activity as businesses are in the process of sprucing up their exteriors (and some are doing major interior renovations) in preparation for the summer season. If you haven't been to our town's Boardwalk in the last year or so, you really need to check it out this summer. The entire area has undergone a facelift and their has been an explosion in family friendly businesses.

As we enter the 2011 season, I have no doubt that this year will greatly surpass previous years as the Boardwalk Makeover continues to evolve. So check it out, you and your family will love it!

Note: View more photos of this morning's sunset on Facebook

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