February 26, 2011

Carolina Beach's Proposed Mooring Field Generating Boater Buzz

The proposed Carolina Beach, NC mooring field in Myrtle Grove Sound has caught they eye of boaters who frequently pass our area.  The below thread is from Dozier's Waterway Guide and references an article in the January 26, 2011 Island Gazette (Carolina Beach Moving Forward with Mooring Field; Seeking Permits) discussing the construction time frame. 

The proposed mooring field will have anchorage for 10 boats that are between 26 to 55 feet in length.  Boaters will then be able to come ashore in their dinghies using the town's municipal dock.  In addition, the town is working on creating a new dinghy dock at Sandpiper Lane.

Kudos to the our town leaders for not only identifying a need in our community but also taking action to make this a reality.  Getting Pleasure Island back on the radars of transient boaters will ultimately lead to a big boost for local businesses.

Here's what Capnchuck (from Annapolis, MD) has to say about the mooring field:
"We knew it was only a matter of time before other States followed the lead of Florida in proposing and implementing mooring fields. It now appears that one of our favorite stops along the Waterway in Carolina Beach, North Carolina is now planning to do just that."

And here are a couple comments that Capnchuck has received on this topic:
"About time, a few more good mooring fields with good dinghy landings will help all of us. Carolina Beach is a nice place, a place we enjoy and a mooring would be very nice. Couple of nights on a reasonably priced mooring, a place to land the dinghy, dinner ashore and a walk through town...sounds good. Please do not tell me about anchoring rights; does anyone who has been cruising awhile, like us, remember what Stuart's South Point Anchorage was like before the mooring field? And think about the mess in Salt Run, tried anchoring there lately?"

"That helped a lot, Chuck. Thanks. It's going to be located right where we usually anchor; the holding was always problematic so I like the idea of a mooring field there."

Read the Dozier's Waterway Guide thread here.
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