February 17, 2011

The Book "North Carolina’s Ocean Fishing Piers: From Kitty Hawk to Sunset Beach" Due Out March 2011

For everyone who loves fishing or spending time on NC piers, this book is written for you. The book's author, Al Baird, traces the history of fishing piers from the Kitty Hawk down to Sunset Beach and is written from the perspective of a true pier fisherman. Al's love of the sport motivated him to start the North Carolina Fishing Pier Society in 2006.

In describing his motivation for writing the book, he explains that it "grew out of my desire to preserve the memories of these great wood, steel and concrete structures and it was greatly inspired by two other books on North Carolina pier fishing (Coastal Fishing in the Carolinas and Pier Fishing in North Carolina)."

Al spent 10 years researching the book and over that time, he met dozens of people who shared information about the early days of fishing piers. Not only does he share their stories but the book is filled with numerous pictures from days gone by.

In the book, our very own Kure Beach Pier takes center stage as the book begins by highlighting the very first fishing pier in the state (the KB pier was built in 1923). From there, the book moves chronologically forward discussing every other ocean fishing pier built along the North Carolina coast.

And right now, you can pre-order the book from Barnes & Noble for only $10.11 with free shipping if you spend $25 or more. (Amazon is taking pre-orders at $14.95 and Borders at $14.99).

Click the book to enter the B&N website:

Book Description:
From the sweltering summer heat to the biting winter chill, thousands of dedicated anglers flock to North Carolina fishing piers to cast lines into the salty depths, hoping to reel in anything from whiting and shark to the highly prized sheepshead, red drum and even the elusive king mackerel. Fishing pier enthusiast Al Baird recounts the history of these windworn structures, from the incredible story of the oldest pier in North Carolina to the tales of the destructive hurricanes that ripped through the Outer Banks. Discover how seaside towns have grown and changed while their piers remain the same, as Baird recounts the memories and accomplishments of the men and women who have visited and loved these slowly disappearing landmarks.
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