February 4, 2011

1st Annual Carolina Beach Groundhog Day

What...groundhogs at the beach?? Well, it looks that way thanks to the good folks over at the Shuckin' Shack Oyster Bar.

This past Wednesday, 2/2/11, they began what is to become a new annual tradition on the island - Groundhog day at Carolina Beach.

The event was held at the Hamlet Beach access at high noon and approximately 20 people braved the elements to witness this inaugural moment. And when you consider that the idea for this event was developed the day prior, that's a pretty good turnout.

The event started with the MC giving the crowd some facts about groundhogs. Here are a select few:
• Researches at Cornell University did a study and determined that if indeed, a woodchuck could chuck wood, it would chuck about 700lbs.
• The average wood chuck is 40" long and weighs 15 to 20 pounds.
• Groundhogs can whistle when they are alarmed and when mating.'
• The average litter size is four and the babies are called kits or cubs
• The average life span is six to eight years.

Following the groundhog lesson, the MC proceeded to the main event. Chuck, the verminous guest of honor, was carefully removed from his dark holding pen (a pink beach umbrella) and was revealed to the crowd. After a joyous welcome from all the attendees, two representatives from the official groundhog committee determined that unfortunately, the groundhog did see his shadow. But unlike the 'other' more famous groundhog event up north, in Carolina Beach this meant that there would be at least six more weeks of drinking at the shack!

So congrats to the Shack for creating what I'm sure will become a popular annual event. And thanks to Matt for allowing me to post a few of these photos from their
Facebook page.

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