January 7, 2011

Video: Time Lapse of Scott Nurkin Painting the Fort Fisher Aquarium Mural

This past October, Scott Nurkin took on the challenge of creating a large mural on an exterior wall at the Fort Fisher Aquarium. The mural is of a salt marsh and features much of the wildlife found in the area.

Mr. Nurkin noted in a Zoo & Aquarium article that his inspiration for the mural was pulled from the expansive salt marshes at Fort Fisher adding that "if the temperature and timing (are) right, everything in the mural could literally be found within a five mile radius of the Aquarium.” Eventually, his mural will serve as a scenic backdrop for a children's natural playground which will be located in front of the artwork.

The creation of Mr. Nurkin's beautiful work was recently posted on Youtube by wazgriffin in a time lapse format. You'll most definitely want to check out this video and at the end, you'll be able to view his finished work. And finally, kudos to Mr. Nurkin for creating such an interesting addition to the aquarium. Enjoy watching...I know you will!
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