January 12, 2011

Three Fantastic Photos from the January 10, 2011 Wilmington Snow Storm

On 10 January 2011, the Wilmington area was subjected to a very discriminating snow storm. At the Wilmington Airport, they saw 3 1/2 inches of the white stuff and at Wrightsville Beach, they weighed in with an inch. But here on Pleasure Island, we didn't even see a trace. We had a brief period of sleet but we primarily just had a few patches of cold rain (and not even much of that).

So, although I was ready with camera and video in hand, there were no winter wonderland photos to be had on the Island. Fortunately, camera buffs from around Wilmington were ready to snap photos. And if you followed the days events on Facebook and the local media websites, you would know that the sheer quantity of photos flowing was quite impressive.

But amoung the large masses of photos, there were three that really caught my eye in a big way and here they are. Enjoy!

Snow Angel Baby
(This photo was submitted by Team Powell to the Wilmington Star My Photos)

(This photo was posted by Mike McGirt on Facebook. Used with permission)

(This photo from Wrightsville Beach was posted by Oliver Earney on Facebook. Used with permission)

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