January 2, 2011

Mayor Joel Macon (Carolina Beach, NC) Accepts the January Challenge

For Immediate Release
Carolina Beach, North Carolina

December 2010 - NoFizz Charlotte, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mayor Joel Macon, of Carolina Beach, North Carolina, has accepted the January Mayor’s Hydration Challenge.

The Mayor’s Challenge, a health and wellness initiative held by NoFizzCLT, challenges mayors in North and South Carolina to avoid soda and drink 60 ounces of water every day for the month of January to promote healthy hydration.

More than 300 mayors throughout the Carolinas have been challenged to participate in the January initiative, a 30-day campaign that more than 5,000 people – in 24 states and 5 different countries – have already experienced.

“We’re excited that Mayor Macon, on behalf of his community of Carolina Beach, is participating in the January challenge,” said Kate Kincaid, NoFizz Charlotte’s Director of Development. “We commend Mayor Macon for being so proactive and encouraging in his acceptance of our challenge, and we look forward to helping make the city of Carolina Beach a little bit healthier.”

Carolina Beach is a community near Wilmington, NC, in New Hanover County. The population of the city is 4,701; it is part of the Wilmington metropolitan area.

For more information on the Town of Carolina Beach, North Carolina, please visit their website, www.carolinabeach.org.

“We love Mayor Macon’s desire to embrace our health campaign and set an example for the city of Carolina Beach,” added Founder/Executive Director Bobby DeMuro. “His participation is crucial to spread our message across eastern North Carolina.”

Everybody is welcome to join the NoFizzCLT 30-Day Challenge at any time. Visit www.nofizzclt.org, where you can register and join for free by clicking the ‘Take The Challenge’ button, and filling out the brief registration form.

About NoFizzCLT: 
NoFizz Charlotte, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting healthy hydration in the Carolinas through community outreach events and student health education programs.

Bobby DeMuro
Founder, Executive Director
(704) 787-3019

Nice job Mayor Macon bringing some fun & positive publicity to the island. But now it's time to get to business so get your water glass Mr. Mayor and drink up!
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