January 29, 2011

Kure Beach Disc Golf Information

Quick Info:
•Park Opened January 28th. (Official Ribbon Cutting Grand Opening Feb 20th)
•Course located at Joe Eakes Park in Kure Beach (K Ave and 7th St)
•Hours are same as Eakes Park
•Admission is Free and open to the general public
•Course is 18 holes with longest 500 feet
•Course is a PAR 61

It's here...disc golf is now on Pleasure Island! After over a year of planning, designing, and clearing, the Kure Beach Disc Golf Course is now officially open to the public.

Over the last several months I've been keeping track of the course progress on the Disc Golf Course Review
website and was pleased to read that yesterday the course had opened to the public. And although it is just the soft opening, they are still tweaking parts of the course, I had the opportunity to run down there this morning and have a first hand look. BTW, the official ribbon cutting grand open will be on February 20, 2011.

Several posters on the DG Course Review forum had already played the course late last month and their reviews had been quite positive. One poster, BrotherDave, who played the course in late December (before all the baskets were in place) had said the following: "It's going to be a good one. Otter gave me a tour this past weekend and I'm pretty stoked. The vegetation/terrain is unlike any course I've ever seen and the trees are just really neat, it's like regular trees got buried up to the point where they just start branching out, like dwarfed trees. Lots of neat moss everywhere too, I hope foot traffic doesn't trample too much of it away. The course really makes great use of the elevation and it's in a top-notch park."

Since I'm not a disc golf player, I can't say much about the technical side of the course but I can tell you that it is gorgeous. They made great use of the oak trees and natural sand areas. They cleared enough areas to make it easy to navigate but left the majority of the vegetation in place to increase the course difficulty. After wandering around this morning and checking out some of the layout, I can ensure you that I'll soon be out there with my old school Whamo Frisbee in hand. And yes, at my skill level, I don't have the gall to call it a disc. And here is an interesting tidbit for non players (I sure didn't know this), disc golf players carry multiple discs with each one being a different weight and size-very much like traditional golf.

So as we wandered about snapping a few photos of the course and some players in action, we were fortunate enough to bump into Michael Jones, aka Spiderman, who helped make the course a reality and was also instrumental in the course design. Spiderman said he was very pleased with how everything turned out and noted that he has been receiving nothing but positive feedback from everyone in the disc golf community.

He gave me some info on the course that I can pass on to readers. The course is open to the public on a first come/first serve basis and is open during the same hours as Joe Eakes Park (where the course is located). There are a total of 18 holes with holes 1, 9, 10, and 18 being closest to the parking lot. This allows for easy access for people who only want to take in nine holes. The longest hole is number 15 with a total distance of 500 feet. He says that the pros can make a 200 foot throw. Hmmmm, 200 feet? Yeah, I could probably manage that if I had a hurricane at my back.

Michael also went out of his way to give lots of praise to the Kure Beach Public Works personnel who had helped create and clear the course. It's evident that they were careful to keep as much of the natural setting in place yet make sure that the walking areas were clear of debris. Micheal noted that it was not an easy job and that it turned into a very time consuming endeavor. The fruits of the labor of all parties involved is crystal clear to anyone who plays or walks the course.

Keep your eyes open for a Pleasure Island Disc Golf club that will soon be in operation. Micheal said that they already have several members with quite a few applications to process. They are still working out the club details but they will soon have a website up and running. One of the cool things that he pointed out is that they will have alternative placements for the baskets so they can be moved during tournaments or when the disc golf club gets together for monthly club games. This will change up the course for regulars and make it more challenging.

PS. This post may be updated as new information comes out.
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