January 18, 2011

A Carolina Beach Business Sheds Light for an Alaskan Bush Pilot

If it's January in Dillingham, AK you can count on two things, extreme cold and limited sunlight. And if you are an Alaskan bush pilot, it's these two extremes of mother nature that can weigh heavily on the mind.

The extreme cold temperatures, which often hover in the -20 to -30 range, can be especially harsh on aircraft batteries. For this reason, pilots often avoid using the aircraft's lights while doing their preflight and instead rely on secondary light sources. And although a flashlight works just fine, it is helpful if the pilots are able to have full dexterity as they go about their check. Well recently, a pilot in Dillingham found a unique solution to this problem thanks to L&B Monograms of Carolina Beach, NC.

Scott Garrett, the Pastor of Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Dillingham, AK, posted a youtube video where he talks highly of a particular L&B Monograms baseball hat that had built in LCD lights. You see, Father Scott is not only a Priest but he is also a veteran Alaskan bush pilot.

Father Scott ministers to the largest geographical parish in the world (his parish encompasses the majority of SW Alaska). Because the vast majority of his territory is not accessible by vehicle, Father Scott's primary mode of transportation is his mission's single engine Cherokee Warrior airplane.

So how did he end up with this L&B hat? On a hunch.

A few weeks back, Father Scott, who is a regular customer of L&B Monorgams, submitted a new hat order. Upon arrival of his hats, he found a surprise gift which had been slipped in by Linda Dameron who is the proprietor of L&B Monograms. She had included a baseball hat that was wired with LED lights. Linda had a hunch that the hat might come in handy for Alaskan bush flying and it turns out, her hunch was spot on!

The LED hat was an immediate hit with Father Scott. Not only did he find it practical for flying, he stated that it would really come in handy when fishing in low light.

To check out Father Scott's latest video about the LED hat, check out his
blog and Youtube site. And while your there, take a look at some of his other videos as he offers an interesting perspective of the Alaskan bush and he has some great aerial views of remote areas.

For anyone with monogram needs, make sure to give Linda a call at L&B Monograms. Linda has been in business on the island for several years and has developed a strong and loyal customer base. This loyalty has developed from the fact that Linda always treats people honestly and fairly. Not to mention, her prices are extremely reasonable.

L&B Monograms--your full service monogram company from Alaska to Carolina Beach. Now that's a tag line!!

L&B Monograms
Carolina Beach, NC
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