January 10, 2011

Are you faster than a sixth grader?

Well, Carolina Beach Mayor Joel Macon will find that out Saturday, January 15th, when he faces Cape Fear Center for Inquiry sprinter Auri Schrider in a race challenge around the Carolina Beach Lake.

Starting at 10:30 a.m., the Mayor and Auri will start their trek around the lake. One lap, one time, one right to brag. And money has already been offered up for the challenge to compensate the runners for giving up their weekend morning.

“I know I am going to win,” Auri said, “ and I am so confident that I am going to pledge half of my winnings to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk Makeover Committee. I love what they have done with the Boardwalk, and I would love to help the Mayor give them even more money, regardless of how much it might embarrass him.”

Chazz Pullman, who owns Hoplite Pub in Carolina Beach, has offered up $20 toward the winner. “I fully support the Mayor, “ Chazz said, “But I have a feeling twenty bucks is going to the Boardwalk!”

Shawn Underwood, Joel’s partner in The Treehouse Bistro, said he, too, would match donations to the Boardwalk Makeover. “I have known Joel for more than 18 years, and I always support him,” Shawn said. “But he has overstepped his bounds on this one, and this little girl is going to beat him like a cheap drum. In the spirit of the moment, though, I love what that group has done with the Boardwalk, and I am happy to support them. When Joel recovers, he will be happy for the contribution as well.”

Although Joel has expressed confidence, paramedics will be standing by at various intervals of the race, just in case medical attention is required.

The race is a simple “first one to the finish wins,” and the after race party will take place at The Treehouse Bistro.
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