January 15, 2011

Are you faster than a sixth grader? Today, the answer is no.

I just received word that Auri Schrider was the victor in today's race challenge. And although Auri was able to cross the finish line without Joel Macon even showing up in the photo background, I'm told that he was not too far off and that he did complete the race without any medical assistance.

Congrats to both athletes. Anytime a local event helps raise money for the Boardwalk Makeover, well, everyone is a winner (even second placers)! I'm not sure if that helps in the pride department Joel but unfortunately, that's all I have to offer.

PS. I just saw on the Island Gazette Facebook page that they will have a story about this epic race in this week's paper. You can also see a great shot of the race start on their page. After viewing it, you won't be able to tell me that these two aren't serious competitors. Gloves off baby!
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