January 20, 2011

Accuweather: For the Remainder of Winter 2011, Cold Will Persist in our Area

Sigh, it appears that for the remainder of this winter, we will be better served by keeping our snow skis waxed as opposed to preparing to dust off our water skis. Accuweather has recently updated their 2011 winter forecast and they are calling for continued cold weather for our area.

So who is to blame? Well, La Nina of course. Turns our our girl will be overstaying her welcome as forecasters are now predicting that the current La Nina my persist through the Spring and quite possibly through summer.

So what does this mean for the Southeast? The article states the following: "the cold that continues in coming weeks will be significant enough to make temperatures for the entire winter average out below normal for much of the region. This would be an impressive feat, considering that La NiƱa winters in the Southeast are typically warmer than normal." For a detailed look at how this La Nina is impacting our weather, check out the article link above.

So bundle up folks and look on the bright side, Spring starts on March 11th. Wait a minute, that's 51 days away :-( I'll shut up now.

BTW, you have to give it to the folks over at the Farmer's Almanac, they were spot on with this year's winter forecast. Just take a look at their prediction that was released last Fall. Click
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