December 22, 2010

Whale Spotted Near Carolina Beach and Kure Beach Line

Just in time for Christmas! We may not have white Christmases here in SE North Carolina but what we do have from time to time are whale sightings. Yesterday, at around the noon hour, a 20' whale was spotted near the drainage pipe at the CB/KB line. The whale, along with a large pod of dolphins, appeared to be feeding.

I was alerted to the sighting by Gordy who was nice enough to shoot me an email (thanks again!). Although I was out of town, I contacted some friends who headed over with their cameras to see if they could capture the whale on video. Unfortunately, they did not spot the whale but they did come across the dolphin pod which was working its way towards the Kure Beach Pier.

As for Gordy, he didn't capture the whale on video either...but what he did get was a lifetime memory. Here's how he explained the events to me in a follow up email (slight edit):

I was walking my dog around 11:50 and saw the dolphins-and then the whale. I called my wife and told her to bring the binoculars. I forgot the camera as I was so excited. The whale and dolphins were working from the drainage pipe at the CB-Kure line and (near) the Pelican Watch Condo. After sending the first email, I went back with the camera and video and saw a smaller number of dolphins than original, but no whale. When I was first spotted the whale, there were about 8 various people who also noticed the whale but none had a camera. Thinking they may have gone south I took the jeep to Kure Beach Pier but saw nothing. At the least, it will be a memory for me that I will never forget.

Talk about an early Christmas gift for Gordy and the other eight people;-)

Here's a short clip from my friend's video efforts. Although the sea was quite calm, the only thing that comes through are a few images of dolphin dots (the dots on the right are actually really, I promise). 12/21/2010

[EDIT: For any Facebook folks, Surf Carolina Beach got some fantastic photos of the whale at the Carolina Beach pier. Go here]
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