December 29, 2010

WECT: Boy Scout Builds Bridge at Carolina Beach State Park

Boy Scout builds bridge to become an Eagle
Dec 29, 2010

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – Troop 210 has spent Christmas vacation helping one of their fellow scouts get his wings by building a bridge at Carolina Beach State Park, but it hasn't been an easy feat.

"To everyone else it's just going to be a little bridge over a puddle but it took a lot of work," said Devin McDaniel who is trying to cross from Boy Scout to Eagle Scout.

So far, volunteers have worked five full days during their holiday break to construct a bridge to allow hikers to cross murky waters...

Troop 210 is in short supply of volunteers and is asking for any adult help. Carolina Beach State Park donated the necessary tools and supplies to help build the bridge, all they need are your two hands. Volunteers are needed most on Thursday and Friday. Contact Kevin McDaniel at 231-9563.

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