December 16, 2010

Sadly, More Dead/Injured Pelicans Wash Up on Topsail Island Area Beaches

The AP is reporting that the number of dead/injured pelicans that have recently been washing up on Topsail Island area beaches is now over 60. The degree of injuries to these birds has been extensive. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases where live birds have washed ashore, rescuers have had to euthanize the birds due to their extensive injuries.

As the deaths continue to mount, the news coverage is also expanding. The most recent AP article was carried in the Washington Post and in other VA publications.

All NC beach towns should be concerned about this growing criminal activity due to the possible longer term negative attention that it may bring to all NC coastal areas. Coastal NC has a proud, longstanding tradition of cherishing its shorelines and protecting all its sea life. It is this image that has rightly made coastal NC a top tourist destination in the US.

It is important that the perpetrators of these acts either be caught & prosecuted or at the very least shamed into stopping any future acts of violence. Currently, their is a total reward of $3,500 (the Possumwood sanctuary & PETA) for information leading to the capture of whomever is responsible for the birds’ deaths. Hopefully, this all comes to a quick end.

To report wildlife violations anonymously, call the Wildlife Resources Commission at 1-800-662-7137.

Hopefully, these pelicans at Fort Fisher were not part of an ongoing problem in this area.
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