December 12, 2010

Lumina News: Local Dive Shop Raises Concerns Over Use of Scooters in Removing Shark Teeth Off Coast

by Michelle Saxton
Thursday, December 9, 2010

Collecting fossilized sharks’ teeth underwater is a big draw for divers along North Carolina’s coast, but some local dive shops are questioning how certain methods used to retrieve the artifacts could affect the habitat.

And now a federal agency plans to look into the issue after learning of those concerns.

Captain Bruce Glisson of Blue Ocean Adventures in Carolina Beach sent an e-mail last month to about 100 people involved in marine conservation or research in which he accused a Hatteras-based dive shop of destroying reefs by using scooters to dig or blow into the sand in search of sharks’ teeth.

Glisson’s e-mail, sent Nov. 26, described how he anchored near Outer Banks Diving’s Flying Fish boat earlier that month in the Frying Pan Tower area to look into rumors of alleged reef destruction and saw holes and sand that had been blown away for hundreds of square feet.

"It looked like a dredge or plow had gone through the entire area and cleaned out the reef, displacing the sand and exposing the hard bottom," Glisson’s e-mail said...

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Photo Credit: scooter & Megalodon teeth

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