December 4, 2010

Game On: Kure Beach World Record Holder in Surfing Dethroned

I'm sure it was fun while it lasted, but Kure Beach Lifeguard, Thomas Cannon, just had his surfing world record taken away from him by Bill Liaty, a California surfer. Mr. Laity was able to log a 25 hour and 45 minute surf session which beat Mr. Cannon's record of 15 hours.

At the time of Mr. Cannon's record session, he was aiming to hit the 24 hour mark but was unable to reach the goal due to weather issues. But since he was the first one to ever attempt this surfing record, his 15 hour session became the mark to beat.

So now, it looks like a West Coast surfer has laid down the gauntlet for East Coast surfers (and more specifically, Pleasure Island surfers). 24+ hours is the time needed to take back the World Record and hopefully, bring it home to the Island. And with ESPN now taking an interest in this world record, I'm betting that if someone from the Island does attempt to regain the title, it will be quite a media event. Afterall, the record was born in Kure Beach, thanks to Mr. Cannon, and it's only fitting that it returns here ;-)

To read about Mr. Laity's record session, check out this ESPN article.

Photo of Mr Liaty courtesy of
Swell online surf retailer.
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