December 17, 2010

Carolina Beach Today Busts an Urban Legend

What happens when an outlandish story about an intoxicated Serbian killing a 15' foot man-eater shark goes viral? Carolina Beach Today ruins it all.

The other day I noticed that the number of unique visitor hits on this blog had nearly tripled with totals nearing the 600 mark daily. Now during the summer, that is common but during the off season, 200 unique hits is a good day. I received an email from a poster at and learned it was that site which was the primary cause for the hit surge. Reddit is a message board website that covers the full gamut of topics.

In this case, the topic that was bringing everyone to CBToday was regarding a viral story titled "Sharks Wary of Drunk Serbs." In short, the story revolves around an unknowing hero named Dragan Stevic who accidentally kills a man eating shark. He is out with friends and is highly inebriated. He decides to go for a swim by jumping off a pier. According to his friends, he doesn't make much of a splash upon impact. Why? Because he landed on top of a man eater and accidentally killed it on impact. He became an immediate town hero. To read the original English version story, go here:

So where does this blog fall into all this? Well, it turns out that the original story showed a supposed picture of the "killer" shark dead on a beach. However, that photo was actually a shot of a Basking shark which washed ashore near Duck, NC last year. And for the record, Basking sharks are filter feeders which focus on zooplankton. 

Sorry Dragan, it was a hell of a story and we all wish it was true. But don't give up, keep jumping off those piers, for might just be.

Drunk shark drawing credit
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