December 31, 2010

Carolina Beach Today Top 10 Blog Posts & Top 10 Videos

It appears that it is customary to come up with a top ten something or other list at the end of each year . Soooo being as we have lots of blog posts, why shouldn't we come up with a top ten list? Well, to be honest, we set a record this year with a total of 290 posts for the year (233 in 2009 and 235 in 2008), so to go through them all would be a bit too time consuming as today's New Years Eve festivities draw near. So we did a quick scan and came up with 10+1 fun/interesting blog posts and 10+1 videos.

As for the blog posts, the last five have something in common. 2010 turned out to be the year of nature on Pleasure Island. We had sightings of Coyotes, Black Bears, Seals, Whales and even an Alligator playing in the ocean surf. With that said, I present to you the lists...drum roll please (PS. they are in no particular order):

Blog posts
Snow Blankets the Island Photo Set1, Set2, Set3, Set4
Oldest NC Shipwreck Uncovered After Storm in Corrolla & Wreck Moved to Museum
UFO's Invade Wrightsville Beach
Kure Beach Lifeguard Sets World Record & CA Surfer Takes Away Record
NC Free Diver Hitches Ride with Shark
Crazy Sky at the Carolina Beach Lake
Alligator in Ocean Surf Near Carolina Beach Pier
Black Bear Spotted at Carolina Beach
Coyotes Chasing Deer in Kure Beach
Whale Spotted 12/22 & Whale Spotted 12/30
Harbor Seal Visits the Cape Fear River

Video Post
NC Weekend Story: Carolina Beach
I See It, I See It (this one makes me laugh every time)
Carolina Beach Ocean Rescue is Ready for Summer
Lazy Days at Kure Beach
Kayak Fishing for Sharks
Twin 6 Year Old Brothers Sell Lemonade to Help a Gulf Fisherman
Warm Summer Days in Carolina Beach
Ferry from Southport to Fort Fisher
Flooding Rains at Carolina Beach Lake
Christmas at Carolina Beach Lake

Video: Shark Stuck in Tidal Pool

What happens when a 3-4' shark gets stuck in a Myrtle Beach tidal pool? Well, not much. As you can see in the video, lifeguards appeared to have a plan (although it's not clear what it was) but the shark had his own plan as well. The video cuts off before any conclusion but someone did ask in the comments section about the outcome. No answer yet.

The video was posted by
lesterohio on Youtube. Enjoy!

December 30, 2010

Photos: Whale Sighted at Fort Fisher

And Christmas just keeps coming this year with a second Pleasure Island whale sighting. If you recall from last week, there were multiple accounts of a whale spotted from Carolina Beach down towards Kure Beach.

This morning I received an email from Jeff Davis about a second whale sighting. He explains that yesterday afternoon, he and his son were driving on Fort Fisher when they spotted a whale near the end of the allowed driving area. The whale, which was swimming with dolphins, was approximately 200 to 300 yards off shore.

Here a few of the images that he captured with his Nikon D7000. He was using a 200mm lens with a 1.7 teleconverter and he "heavily" cropped the photos to pull in the image.

I really appreciate him sharing his story and fantastic photos with the blog. To view his other six photos, go

December 29, 2010

Video: Diving for Lunch at Fort fisher

OK, so I don't mean scuba diving but instead, diving birds. Check out this very cool video posted by tomsapp on Youtube. It features seagulls en masse on a frenzied feeding binge. Click on full screen and enjoy!!

WECT: Boy Scout Builds Bridge at Carolina Beach State Park

Boy Scout builds bridge to become an Eagle
Dec 29, 2010

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – Troop 210 has spent Christmas vacation helping one of their fellow scouts get his wings by building a bridge at Carolina Beach State Park, but it hasn't been an easy feat.

"To everyone else it's just going to be a little bridge over a puddle but it took a lot of work," said Devin McDaniel who is trying to cross from Boy Scout to Eagle Scout.

So far, volunteers have worked five full days during their holiday break to construct a bridge to allow hikers to cross murky waters...

Troop 210 is in short supply of volunteers and is asking for any adult help. Carolina Beach State Park donated the necessary tools and supplies to help build the bridge, all they need are your two hands. Volunteers are needed most on Thursday and Friday. Contact Kevin McDaniel at 231-9563.

Read the full WECT article

December 24, 2010

December 23, 2010

Video: Carolina Beach Sunrise - An Epic Journey

You want an extended sunrise video? Well this is it! This video was posted by italk2youdotcom and is a whopping 56+ minutes in length. It was taken from the balcony of their home in Carolina Beach, NC. Enjoy and get yourself another cup of coffee!

December 22, 2010

Photo: A Carolina Beach Boardwalk Merry Christmas

Whale Spotted Near Carolina Beach and Kure Beach Line

Just in time for Christmas! We may not have white Christmases here in SE North Carolina but what we do have from time to time are whale sightings. Yesterday, at around the noon hour, a 20' whale was spotted near the drainage pipe at the CB/KB line. The whale, along with a large pod of dolphins, appeared to be feeding.

I was alerted to the sighting by Gordy who was nice enough to shoot me an email (thanks again!). Although I was out of town, I contacted some friends who headed over with their cameras to see if they could capture the whale on video. Unfortunately, they did not spot the whale but they did come across the dolphin pod which was working its way towards the Kure Beach Pier.

As for Gordy, he didn't capture the whale on video either...but what he did get was a lifetime memory. Here's how he explained the events to me in a follow up email (slight edit):

I was walking my dog around 11:50 and saw the dolphins-and then the whale. I called my wife and told her to bring the binoculars. I forgot the camera as I was so excited. The whale and dolphins were working from the drainage pipe at the CB-Kure line and (near) the Pelican Watch Condo. After sending the first email, I went back with the camera and video and saw a smaller number of dolphins than original, but no whale. When I was first spotted the whale, there were about 8 various people who also noticed the whale but none had a camera. Thinking they may have gone south I took the jeep to Kure Beach Pier but saw nothing. At the least, it will be a memory for me that I will never forget.

Talk about an early Christmas gift for Gordy and the other eight people;-)

Here's a short clip from my friend's video efforts. Although the sea was quite calm, the only thing that comes through are a few images of dolphin dots (the dots on the right are actually really, I promise). 12/21/2010

[EDIT: For any Facebook folks, Surf Carolina Beach got some fantastic photos of the whale at the Carolina Beach pier. Go here]

December 20, 2010

Fort Fisher Doritos Commercial

Here is a followup to the earlier blog post about the Fort Fisher Doritos commercial (a few still shots from filming) which was made for this years Crash the Super Bowl contest. I just had a look at it and I'm very impressed. It's a very humorous ad and we wish Tina Wanner and Kara B. Still the best of luck with their entry. It is most definitely a strong contender! View the ad here.

Death Toll of North Topsail Pelicans Nears 130

Unfortunately, this story continues to worsen. WCTI is reporting that the death toll of pelicans washing up at North Topsail beach is nearing 130. This past Friday, an additional nine pelicans were found on the beach. In all the cases, the birds suffered varying degrees of unnatural injuries.

PETA's reward is now at $3,600 and Possumwood sanctuary is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of the person(s) responsible for this ongoing bird slaughter.

Read the WCTI story

Photo credit

December 19, 2010

VA Pilot: Are Tolls Answer to Funding New Ferries in N.C.?

By Jeff Hampton
The Virginian-Pilot
© December 19, 2010

..The fourth-oldest among the state's 21 ferries, the Hunt is scheduled for replacement in the division's long-range plans...Built in 1984, the river-class ferry was down for 20 of the 360 scheduled November trips five miles across the Currituck Sound between Knotts Island and the mainland...A new river-class ferry would cost $11 million

The Currituck ferry carries more than 25,000 vehicles annually. Operating costs are $2.3 million annually, according to a study by North Carolina State University for the state's ferry system.

The study showed how tolls could fund regular vessel replacement. Two options included $10 tolls for short routes such as the Currituck crossing and $30 for longer routes, or $12 for short routes and $50 for long routes.

Statewide, tolls cover about 6 percent of the Ferry Division's $32.2 million budget, the study showed.

The Ferry Division plans to hire a consultant early next year to determine whether tolls should be charged on free routes, such as the Currituck Sound crossing, and whether tolls should be raised on routes that already have fees...
(This inludes the $5 per trip Fort Fisher/Southport ferry).

Read the full article here

December 17, 2010

The Grove Project: The Surf House is an Incredible Place

Wow, the Surf House in Carolina Beach just received (and rightfully so) a stellar review from the good folks over at the Grove Project. Kudos!!

"What an incredible place. The owners of the Surf House have taken the life you want to live and made it into an inconspicuous, quasi-commercial, communal be-in on CBR right off the main. We just got back from a light, organic dinner at The Surf House, a surf shop / cafe in Carolina Beach, and our earlier suspicions are confirmed. It’s my new favorite place in the Cape Fear region..."

Read the full Grove Project review here.

Surfhouse Cafe & Shop
604 N. Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC, 28428

Video: Christmas at Biltmore

Budweiser may have the Clydesdales, but NC has the Biltmore ponies. Cool commercial from our Western friends!

Carolina Beach Today Busts an Urban Legend

What happens when an outlandish story about an intoxicated Serbian killing a 15' foot man-eater shark goes viral? Carolina Beach Today ruins it all.

The other day I noticed that the number of unique visitor hits on this blog had nearly tripled with totals nearing the 600 mark daily. Now during the summer, that is common but during the off season, 200 unique hits is a good day. I received an email from a poster at and learned it was that site which was the primary cause for the hit surge. Reddit is a message board website that covers the full gamut of topics.

In this case, the topic that was bringing everyone to CBToday was regarding a viral story titled "Sharks Wary of Drunk Serbs." In short, the story revolves around an unknowing hero named Dragan Stevic who accidentally kills a man eating shark. He is out with friends and is highly inebriated. He decides to go for a swim by jumping off a pier. According to his friends, he doesn't make much of a splash upon impact. Why? Because he landed on top of a man eater and accidentally killed it on impact. He became an immediate town hero. To read the original English version story, go here:

So where does this blog fall into all this? Well, it turns out that the original story showed a supposed picture of the "killer" shark dead on a beach. However, that photo was actually a shot of a Basking shark which washed ashore near Duck, NC last year. And for the record, Basking sharks are filter feeders which focus on zooplankton. 

Sorry Dragan, it was a hell of a story and we all wish it was true. But don't give up, keep jumping off those piers, for might just be.

Drunk shark drawing credit

Video: Krazy Kones on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Is it Memorial Day yet? Unfortunately not...because this commercial will quickly get you in the mood for some all natural chilled sugary goodness.

Krazy Kones is next to the Gazebo
11:00am to 11:00pm
Memorial Day to Labor Day
**The Ad states they are open Fri-Sun during the off season. Call for hours.

December 16, 2010

Ring in New Years at the Carolina Beach Marriott

The Carolina Beach Courtyard Marriott is offering a great way to spend New Years Eve with a holiday special package. Just show up and be prepared to have fun without any worries about driving home.

The package is for one night on New Years Eve and costs between $229 to $260. It includes the following:
• One night stay in a luxurious oceanfront
room with private balcony
• Selection of sumptuous hors d’ oeuvres and
delectable cuisine stations…featuring hand
carved meats and a dessert-candy bar
• Champagne toast at midnight with assorted
party favors
• First class entertainment featuring DJ
Professional spinning all your favorites from
yesterday and today
• Scrumptious breakfast buffet on Saturday
morning at our Seaside Bistro
• A late check-out

For more information & a promotional code, visit their website.

Sadly, More Dead/Injured Pelicans Wash Up on Topsail Island Area Beaches

The AP is reporting that the number of dead/injured pelicans that have recently been washing up on Topsail Island area beaches is now over 60. The degree of injuries to these birds has been extensive. Unfortunately, in the majority of cases where live birds have washed ashore, rescuers have had to euthanize the birds due to their extensive injuries.

As the deaths continue to mount, the news coverage is also expanding. The most recent AP article was carried in the Washington Post and in other VA publications.

All NC beach towns should be concerned about this growing criminal activity due to the possible longer term negative attention that it may bring to all NC coastal areas. Coastal NC has a proud, longstanding tradition of cherishing its shorelines and protecting all its sea life. It is this image that has rightly made coastal NC a top tourist destination in the US.

It is important that the perpetrators of these acts either be caught & prosecuted or at the very least shamed into stopping any future acts of violence. Currently, their is a total reward of $3,500 (the Possumwood sanctuary & PETA) for information leading to the capture of whomever is responsible for the birds’ deaths. Hopefully, this all comes to a quick end.

To report wildlife violations anonymously, call the Wildlife Resources Commission at 1-800-662-7137.

Hopefully, these pelicans at Fort Fisher were not part of an ongoing problem in this area.

December 15, 2010

Video: Jet Skiers Encounter a Very Large Shark in Rondanthe, NC

The following video was posted on Vimeo by Raven Lundy and shows two guys encountering a very large shark while jet skiing. The passenger on the back had obviously been surfing earlier but I'm sure he was more than happy to be atop the jet ski when the big boy appeared. Cool video! (NOTE: Adult language).

PS. The video thumbnail is just a tease and is not from the actual video.

Kure Beach Christmas Fantasy Show Encore Performance December 18th @ 7:00PM

Due to last weekend's rain, there will be an encore performance on Saturday, December 18 for anyone who missed last Friday's performance (or for anyone who saw it and wants to see it again)!

Sponsored by the Town of Kure Beach, this annual event is held on K Avenue near the Kure Beach Fishing Pier. At 7:00 pm, it’s ON WITH THE SHOW featuring Frosty, Rudolph, Harriet Hippo, The Grinch, Santa & Mrs. Claus and other Christmas favorites. Even Cookie Monster will be there! Bring your family and friends, dress warmly for this outdoor performance and bring folding chairs in case seating runs out.

Pic credit

Update on the Lake Waccamaw Whale Fossil

As some of you may recall, a whale skull was discovered in Lake Waccamaw a few years back. The discovery of the skull was detailed in the NC Division of Parks and Recreation publication The Steward, the Wilmington Star and WECT.

The accidental discovery was made by Cathy Nelson who was swimming off her lake pier. While swimming, she continued to bump her foot on something in the water and when she investigated further, she uncovered what would become an extremely rare fossil find. [Photo from the Steward article]

The remains of the whale were eventually removed from the lake and sent off to the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences for detailed study.

The other day, I came across an interesting
blog post written by Dr. Alton Dooley from the Virginia Museum of Natural History (December 10, 2010). He recently studied the skull and he posted some photos as well as discussed some of the findings. As stated in his blog post, the whale skull has been identified as that of a right whale and it is approximately 2.8 million years old.

Once the research is complete, the NC museum plans to place the skull on exhibit at the Lake Waccamaw State Park visitor center. But even when displayed, the exhibit will be accessible for any possible future scientific study.

Make sure to click on the blog post and news articles to view more photos and to read about this impressive discovery. [Fossil photo from Dr. Dooley's blog post]

December 13, 2010

Video: Christmastime Around Carolina Beach Lake

Here are a few images from around Carolina Beach Lake set to one of the best iconic Christmas commercial songs ever released. Thanks Coca Cola.

Video: Visiting Santa Claus at the Christmas by the Sea

Here's a fun Christmas video posted on Youtube by ashleyjo77. The video features Ben who is visiting Santa Claus at the Christmas by the Sea located on the Carolina Beach Boardwalk. Ashley was nice enough to allow us to post it on the blog. Enjoy!

December 12, 2010

Photos: Tonight Was All About the Sky at the Carolina Beach Lake

As the rain clouds finally began to move out late this afternoon, it set the foundation for a wonderful sunset. The following photos were taken from around the lake this evening and none of the photos were enhanced in any way. What you see is the actual color of this evening's sky.

Pleasure Island Photography Offers Free Photo Session in Return for Charitable Contribution

Pleasure Island Photography is working to help promote a wonderful 501 (c) 3 organization, Nourish NC. Pip is running special photography session. Donate $50.00 worth of food(ravioli and soup preferred), backpacks(larger ones), or make a financial donation in the amount of $50.00 (or more) and PIP will honor you with a one hour professional photo session good till the end of this school year. Any checks should be made out to Nourish NC.

This is an excellent way to get professional school portraits, family portraits or engagement photos or a combo of the above. Call or email for more details. 910-470-6804 or

Nourish NC is a grassroots effort focused on feeding hungry children in our community. Kim Karslake and Monique Thompson-Hroncich founded this non-profit to not only provide food to children in need, but to encourage volunteerism within the community. Nourish NC is a 501(c)3 organization.

Lumina News: Local Dive Shop Raises Concerns Over Use of Scooters in Removing Shark Teeth Off Coast

by Michelle Saxton
Thursday, December 9, 2010

Collecting fossilized sharks’ teeth underwater is a big draw for divers along North Carolina’s coast, but some local dive shops are questioning how certain methods used to retrieve the artifacts could affect the habitat.

And now a federal agency plans to look into the issue after learning of those concerns.

Captain Bruce Glisson of Blue Ocean Adventures in Carolina Beach sent an e-mail last month to about 100 people involved in marine conservation or research in which he accused a Hatteras-based dive shop of destroying reefs by using scooters to dig or blow into the sand in search of sharks’ teeth.

Glisson’s e-mail, sent Nov. 26, described how he anchored near Outer Banks Diving’s Flying Fish boat earlier that month in the Frying Pan Tower area to look into rumors of alleged reef destruction and saw holes and sand that had been blown away for hundreds of square feet.

"It looked like a dredge or plow had gone through the entire area and cleaned out the reef, displacing the sand and exposing the hard bottom," Glisson’s e-mail said...

Read the full article here.

Photo Credit: scooter & Megalodon teeth

Video: Firing the Big Cannon at Fort Fisher

The following Fort Fisher video was posted by bmcd67 on Youtube. It shows the firing of the 32 pound rifled cannon from atop Shepherd's Battery for a group of Cub Scouts. I don't know about you but I never tire of watching this Grand Daddy cannon being fired. Enjoy!

December 11, 2010

Video: Beacon Inn Spreads Warmth with a Wonderful Summer Reminder

Check out this excellent video posted by beaconhouseinnbb on Youtube. It truly is a relaxing video and reminds us why we live here on the island and why so many visitors come here during the summer. Enjoy.

For information on the Beacon House Inn, visit their website:

December 10, 2010

Fort Fisher Aquarium Aids Turtles in Need

December 10th, 2010

As temperatures have fallen rapidly to below freezing, facilities across the state are assisting with lethargic sea turtles. The NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher is assisting with the rehabilitation of 13 turtles.

The 13 juvenile green sea turtles were cold-stunned. “Cold-stunning” is a process that causes sea turtles to become immobile due to the dramatic decrease in water temperature, making it impossible for them to escape the cold water and migrate to warmer water. Cold-stunned turtles can float to the surface of the water and be pushed by wind and waves onto shore. A cold-stunned sea turtle on land may appear to be dead, but may actually be alive. Without proper intervention, a cold stunned sea turtle will inevitably die.

Aquarium staff placed the turtles in large holding tanks, where they were assessed. It’s important that they be warmed slowly under controlled conditions. Any injuries to the animals are treated. The turtles will remain at the Aquarium for further rehabilitation and eventual release. While all three NC Aquariums assist with cold-stunned sea turtles care, more severe cases are sent to the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in Topsail Beach.

To report the stranding of a sea turtle in the Kure Beach and Carolina Beach areas, call the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project at (888) 290-1065.To report a sea turtle stranding in other areas, call the NC Wildlife Resources Commission Sea Turtle Project (252) 241-7367. Do not place the turtle in water or try to warm the turtle. The stranding response team will provide additional instructions based upon the situation.

NOTE: On Saturday, December 11 at 3:00 PM, the Aquarium will be hosting "Meet a Green Sea Turtle"
Fee: $5.00; Aquarium admission not included
For a limited time only you can meet 13 green sea turtles brought to the Aquarium on Dec. 8 to recover from severe cold stunning. Learn about green sea turtles, cold stunning, and how the Aquarium prepares these animals for return to to the wild. Also, learn what to do if you encounter a cold stun turtle this winter.

To read more about these recent cold stunned turtle incidents, check out these recent stories in the local media:
•Wilmington Star - Cold-stunned turtles wash ashore on Southeastern N.C. beaches
•WECT - Cold-stunned turtles wash ashore on NC beaches
•WWAY - Sea turtles struggling in cold

Photo Credit

WECT: Michael's Chowder Could Be Served to President Obama

CAROLINA BEACH, NC (WECT) – Chowder from Michael's Seafood could soon be served to the President of the United States.

General Manager Kirk Vanscoy, will be in Washington DC Friday, and hopes to give the president some of the restaurant's popular chowder.

With the help of Senator Kay Hagan, Vanscoy will be serving chowder on the senate floor...

Read the full WECT story here.

You can also get updates directely from Michaels Seafood by following them on
Facebook. Their last post is as follows:
"so we just talked to the Inventory Manager at the White House. Details to follow...."

December 8, 2010

The Cold Weather Brings Home the Christmas Spirit

This recent bout of unusually cold weather has really fired up the Christmas spirit with pretty much everyone I know. You just can't help but think that Santa might actually be able to forgo his sleigh wheels and use his rails when he comes to the Island this year. With that in mind, here are a few images from the rare snow storm that we had last year.
Ho, Ho, Ho

Video: Don't Hand Feed the 14' Hammerhead Shark

For anyone who regularly follows this blog, then you know that we love a good shark video and the one below definitely qualifies. The video was posted earlier this year and was taken in the Florida Keys. Other than to say...never, ever do this yourself, it really needs no additional explanation. The payoff part comes at around the 3:18 mark.
Note: Adult language

Carolina Beach State Park Hikes in December

Hike to Sugarloaf
Sun, December 12, 2010

Take a walk through time back to Sugarloaf dune. Discover some of the unique habitats that are found at Carolina Beach State Park and learn about the history of the Sugarloaf dune. This is a 2 mile hike and will last approximately 2 hours. Please wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather.
Starts at: 2:00 pm
Meet at: Marina Parking Lot

Winter Discovery Hike
Sat, December 18 & 26, 2010
Join a Park Ranger in the Nature Trail Parking Area for a hike along the trails. Learn how plants and animals survive during the winter. Please wear good walking shoes and dress for the weather.
Starts at: 2:00 pm
Meet at: Nature Trail Parking Area

For more information on either of these hikes, please call 910-458-8206

Carolina Beach State Park December Calender

Photo credit: Sugarloaf, CB State Park

2010 Kure Beach Christmas Fantasy Show December 10 & 11

Here Comes Santa Claus! It is almost that time of year again for the Annual Kure Beach Christmas Fantasy Show. This event is one of the highlights of the holiday season on Pleasure Island and is packed full of fantastic entertainment and amazing talent.

This year is guaranteed to bring you a fun family show filled with bright characters, talented singers, and amazing dancers of all ages. The event is Free to everyone and is a great way to get in the holiday spirit and celebrate the season.

The show will be held in Downtown Kure Beach on Friday and Saturday December 10th and 11th beginning nightly at 6:30 pm.

You are reminded to dress warm because it always snows at the show! Call 910.279.0459 for more information.

Photo Credit:
Island Gazette

December 7, 2010

Video: Summer Jam Fest at the Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Since we are in the midst of some record cold, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of the wonderful summer fun we had on the boardwalk this year. This video was recently posted on Youtube by bmorales1b and features some very impressive musicians cutting loose on a Thursday evening in August. Really good stuff here and you gotta love watching the Ferris Wheel as a backdrop. Enjoy!

December 5, 2010

Calling All Artist

A new art retail shop, Artful Living Group, is opening up in the Central Business District in February 2011 and they have put out a call to artists:

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Artful Living Group is opening in Feb 2011 in Carolina Beach's central business district. This innovative art center has a retail shop with funky and functional artisan made home decor, wearable art, and gifts. We are looking for artists to display their art on consignment (65/35). We manage all and advertising, pay sales taxes and hold monthly "featured artist" receptions.

We are also looking for experience creative instructors for workshops in various medium. Instructors receive an hourly rate plus percentage of registration fee. We handle all marketing, registration, and class set-up.

And we have 3 beautiful studio spaces with natural light and locked doors. Monthly lease is $250 to $300 depending on which room. One studio with private 1/2 bath. Shared kitchen. Public will be able to come by to watch and purchase your art.

Artful Living Group
112 Cape Fear Blvd
Carolin Beach, NC 28428

PS. According to their website, Fishbone Designs has leased one of their studios.

Photo credit: hand and brush

Fantastic Photo of Light up the Lake

Check out the December 1st edition of the Island Gazette for an incredible photo of the annual Light Up the Lake celebration at the Carolina Beach Lake. The article doesn't state who from the paper took the photo but they definitely deserve kudos. Here is a thumbnail of the photo. To view it in full size, visit the Island Gazette.

December 4, 2010

Game On: Kure Beach World Record Holder in Surfing Dethroned

I'm sure it was fun while it lasted, but Kure Beach Lifeguard, Thomas Cannon, just had his surfing world record taken away from him by Bill Liaty, a California surfer. Mr. Laity was able to log a 25 hour and 45 minute surf session which beat Mr. Cannon's record of 15 hours.

At the time of Mr. Cannon's record session, he was aiming to hit the 24 hour mark but was unable to reach the goal due to weather issues. But since he was the first one to ever attempt this surfing record, his 15 hour session became the mark to beat.

So now, it looks like a West Coast surfer has laid down the gauntlet for East Coast surfers (and more specifically, Pleasure Island surfers). 24+ hours is the time needed to take back the World Record and hopefully, bring it home to the Island. And with ESPN now taking an interest in this world record, I'm betting that if someone from the Island does attempt to regain the title, it will be quite a media event. Afterall, the record was born in Kure Beach, thanks to Mr. Cannon, and it's only fitting that it returns here ;-)

To read about Mr. Laity's record session, check out this ESPN article.

Photo of Mr Liaty courtesy of
Swell online surf retailer.

2010 Carolina Beach Fire Department Annual Toy Drive

The Carolina Beach Fire Department will be holding their annual toy drive on Saturday, December 4th from 10:00am-5:00pm at the Food Lion. There will also be drop boxes located at the Fire Department. I'm sure if you can't make it today, you can drop by the Department later next week with your donations.

The toy drive benefits all those in need on Pleasure Island and helps make it a very special Christmas for some deserving children.

If you have a need or have other questions, you may contact the CBFD at 458-2985.

For information on the Marine Corps Toys for Tots, please click here.

December 3, 2010

Carolina Beach 2010 Christmas Parade December 3rd & Starts at 7:30pm

Parade Details:
Date: Friday, December 3rd
Time: Starts at 7:30pm
Location: Parade proceeds from Atlanta Avenue down Lake Park Boulevard to the Federal Point Plaza.

Arts and Craft Show Carolina Beach Christmas by the Sea

Dates: December 4, 11 and 18
Times: 5:00pm - 9:00pm
Location: Black Horn Bar & Kitchen Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Looking for something special for the holiday gift giving? Well plan to come to the Carolina Beach Christmas by the Sea Arts and Craft Show to be held on the Boardwalk in The Blackhorn Restaurant. The restaurant has been transformed into a holiday wonderland.

Participating Artist: Southern Digital Art, Glynne Soaps, Inc., Ruth’s Baskets, Creations by Alle (handmade soy candles), TMG supply (hand crafted jewelry), MysticFrogTree, Through My Eyes, Zaycella’s and a very special unique product by Grain Chain.

So come on down and check out the wonderful Christmas by the Sea
decorations and spend some time getting some Christmas gifts at the craft show.

Informational Bike Tour of the Carolina Beach Bicycle Master Plan on Dec 4th

December 4, 2010
10am -12pm

Starts at the Gulf Stream on Winner Blvd

The Island Greenway will be hosting another informative bicycle ride/tour. This time, the ride will cover the North portion of the proposed Bike Master Plan for Carolina Beach and will be led by Michael Kirkbride.

This informative ride is open to everyone and will familiarize residents with the Bike Master Plan.

So bring your bike and meet at the Gulf Stream this coming Saturday at 10am!

If you have any questions or need additional info, feel free to contact Mike at 910-616-2421.

Web site:

(click image to enlarge)

December 2, 2010

2010 Toys for Tots Information for Pleasure Island, NC

The mission of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program is to collect new, unwrapped toys during October, November and December each year, and distribute those toys as Christmas gifts to needy children in the community in which the campaign is conducted.

Here is a list of the toy collection sites on Pleasure Island to drop off your unwrapped gifts:

•Bank of America

•Carolina Beach Elementary School
•Domino's Pizza
•El Zarape
•Island Bait and Tackle
•Lazy Pirate Sports Bar & Grill

For additional toy drop locations throughout Wilmington or to learn how to donate on-line, please visit the Marine Corp's Toys for Tots homepage.

If you would like to volunteer your time and help wrap gifts, please contact the Wilmington, NC Toys for Tots Coordinator, Mr. Michael Gautier.

Photo Credit: Marine with child

December 1, 2010

Christmas by the Sea Listed in Top Ten NC Christmas Activities for Families

Congrats to everyone involved with the Christmas by the Sea as it was just featured on the very popular website Traveling Mamas. The island's month long event was listed as number ten in an article titled, "Top Ten NC Christmas Activities for Families." Here is how it was described in the article:

10. Christmas by the Sea – This celebration is held on the Boardwalk of Carolina Beach. This year will make it the 2nd Annual Celebration. The site says: “Events will then be held every Saturday through December 18 from 5-9pm. Bring the family down for free activities including a fire pit with story telling, puppet shows, hot chocolate and marshmallows, a live nativity, arts and crafts with ornament making, and of course the kids can visit Santa in his workshop! All these events are free as well.” If you are on or near the coast, it sounds like a fun family Christmas tradition!
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