November 21, 2010

WRAL: (Topsail Beach) Pelicans Deliberately Injured, Rescuers Say

There are not enough words for me to describe how much I dislike this story but I think it is important to help spread the word so maybe someone will step forward with information.

NORTH TOPSAIL BEACH — Rescuers say that eight pelicans found dead or wounded on a North Carolina beach in the past two weeks were deliberately injured.

Six pelicans were found dead on North Topsail Beach Saturday, said Toni O'Neil, director of Possumwood Acres Wildlife Sanctuary, an Onslow County nonprofit that specializes in waterfowl rehabilitation...

Pelicans with similar injuries were found along North Topsail Beach last year, but the injuries ceased after an investigation began, she said.

O'Neil urged anyone who sees injured pelicans to report them, so they can be helped to heal or put down humanely.

The incidents have been reported to the
North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Pelicans are protected by federal law, which stipulates penalties for injuring them.

Read the full WRAL article here (includes descriptions of how the pelicans were harmed.)

Photo from the article
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