September 20, 2010

Shark Spooks Swimers in Carolina Beach

The following video was just posted on Youtube and shows a shark passing quite close to swimmers who were in less than knee deep water while swimming at Carolina Beach. At about the 18 second mark, you'll see the shark pass within a few feet of the young girl on her boogie board. Judging from the video, the shark appears to be about five feet in length.

Now keep in mind, when one decides to swim in the ocean (at any beach), one may end up sharing the water with a shark. But the vast majority of the time, you won't even know if a shark is in the area as they typically have no interest in us. On the very rare occasion where one may spot a shark, they will typically be hunting fish and are focused soley on that prey.

The video submitter,
elgatoxl, first told of the incident when she posted the following description in a comment to an earlier CBT blog post (Video of Shark Cruising the Kure Beach Surf):
Posted September 15, 2010 9:49 PM
My family and I are visiting Carolina Beach and yesterday (9/14/10) off Seashorse Ln., we saw a shark in the water and have video of it swimming very close to the shoreline. It swam right past me and my children when we realized what was happening and ran out of the water. My husband just happened to be video taping us when it came by. We've been trying to identify the type of shark but it's a bit hard to tell looking on the small camera screen. We were a bit afraid to go to the beach today so opted to wait until tomorrow. I'm still feeling a bit anxious. It was a cool, yet unsettling experience. Feeling mixed emotions here. Hope we don't see anymore tomorrow. There were quite a few lg. fish jumping in the water the day we saw it....probably a good indication of what was nearby.

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