September 26, 2010

Photos of the Island Day Donut Eating Contest

Here are a few photos from the Britt's Donut eating challenge which marked the end of the first annual Island Day. Seven brave souls stepped up for the challenge and each were handed two dozen Britt's Donuts. I'm sure a few may have thought that they might need another box...but, they didn't.

When the contest began, they all appeared to have their own unique way of taking on the task. Some squished several donuts into a thick hockey puck. Others were quick to make use of water while others, just seemed to enjoy the idea of getting to eat a whole bunch of free Britt's Donuts. But in the end, only one could win and that honor went to Dustin. He is in the last photo and has a yellow shirt around his neck. He ended up eating 18 or 19 donuts as told to me by the judge. Hey it's the island, who needs an exact count? As for his record time, well that too fell by the wayside. In the spirit of the island way, the contest continued until it became apparent that the contestants were just about done with the idea of gorging on donuts. The eyes can be very telling in these cases. But for anyone curious, I'd guess the challenge lasted no more than 10 minutes.

So in the end, the first annual Island Day was very successful. Everyone seemed to have a great time and I'm sure everyone will be back for the second annual event next year. One last note, Brit's is closed for the rest of the year and won't reopen until Spring 2011.

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