September 3, 2010

Black Bear Vacationing in Carolina Beach?

You hear it from one person and you say nahh, you hear from a second person about a second sighting, and well, it becomes worth mentioning. Apparently a juvenile black bear has been sighted roaming the neighborhood around the 7th/8th and Fayetteville/Hamlet area and he evidently likes to help himself to an opportune trash can buffet on the evening before trash day. Now I'm not aware of anyone catching a photo of the little fellow but I'm sure if he lingers around long enough, someone will snap a shot. Of course, this is assuming that 'he' really is a bear and not someone's portly black lab trying to pass himself off as Yogi.

If you recall from last year, there was a black bear in Landfall that was raising some high eyebrows with residents there. In that case, the NC Wildlife Resource Commission stated they would not issue a 'relocation permit' noting that Landfall was most likely just a temporary resting place for the roaming bear. I would imagine Carolina Beach would receive a similar response considering that the CB State Park is just a few blocks away from the sightings. Of course, if the little fellow were to become a nuisance bear or aggressive, then it would be different story. But to be honest, I have no idea as I'm not up to speed on the black bear policies in Carolina Beach. Now if he turns out to be a busking bear, then...oh, well forget it.

Anyway, that's all I've heard for now. If someone has some more insight please post a comment here or on the facebook page. Thanks

Photo credit: Cute Zoo Babies--LA Times
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