August 10, 2010

Wilmington Star: 300lb Shark Washes Up on Carolina Beach

Wilmington Star
August 10, 2010

Carolina Beach A six-to-eight-foot shark washed up on the shore of Carolina Beach late Monday night, drawing spectators to the beach near the town's boardwalk, according to the tow truck driver (Wayne Gunter) who hauled the dead shark away...

Gunter said Monday night was the second time in a month he's removed a shark from a beach in New Hanover County. Last month, Gunter said, he pulled a 14-foot shark from the sands at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area.

Read the full article here (with photo)
Back in April of this year, I came across the below Youtube video (uploaded April 4, 2010) of a shark being removed from Carolina Beach by Mr. Gunter from the Pleasure Island Towing Company. Judging from the video, I'd say the shark was probably 10 to 12 feet in length. There was no description so I have no idea when the video was taken or exactly where the shark was located.

I've seen Mr. Gunter's tow truck pulling numerous vehicles from the sands at Freeman Park and Fort Fisher; however, until I read the above story, I never realized that he was our resident shark disposer as well.

PS. If you ever need the assistance of a 4X4 tow to get you out of a sand trap, Mr. Gunter is always available to help. Not to mention, he's a very friendly fellow as well.

PPS. And if you decide to check out the South-end while pulling a U-Haul trailer...well, I would strongly suggest that you keep his phone number close as hand. This bogged down vehicle pic is from their Facebook page. With that, I have nothing further to add ;-)

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