July 30, 2010

Wilmington Star: Military Museum Lies Hidden in Kure Beach

Wilmington Star
By Amy Hotz
July 27, 2010

The N.C. Military History Museum is in a popular tourist beach town. Its front lawn is decorated with real tanks, a large artillery piece and a helicopter.

Can’t miss it, right?

But there’s a good chance you’ve never been there. Or even heard of it.

The museum sits on the back side of the Fort Fisher Air Force Recreation Area in Kure Beach. It’s housed in a building that looks like all the others at the facility – light desert-tan-painted rectangles with brown shingled roofs.

But while the recreation area is mostly for active duty troops on leave and military retirees to enjoy the nearby beach, the museum can be visited by anyone. Don’t let the chain link fence fool you. Just drive right in and park near the helicopter...

As museums go, this one is small and low-tech. The “gift shop” is one small glass counter. The rest of the place is built more like a bunker than a tourist attraction. Most of its operating costs are covered by private donations, and there’s no admission fee.

Yet nearly every inch of every wall, shelf and cabinet is packed with goodies. Some go back as far as the Civil War, but for the most part the museum focuses on World War I through present-day conflicts...

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Check out the museum website
here. (above photos from their website)

Museum Location at the Ft Fisher Air Force Recreation Area:

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