July 23, 2010

Hoplite Pub & Beer Garden: A Great Addition to the Island

If you haven't yet tried Hoplite Pub and Beer Garden, now is the perfect time as they are currently offering a 50% off opportunity. At WWAY, you can buy a Hoplite $50 gift certificate for just $25. This is a limited offer and there are only 35 certificates left to purchase. So go here to check it out.

Hoplite is a European style pub offering a unique selection of beer, wine and dinning choices. On the beer front, I can't seem to order anything other than their draft Smithwicks which I blame on my partial Irish roots. They offer two sizes of draft beers with the largest being the best value. Of course when Smithwicks is being served on draft , a "small" size just seems unholy to me.

As for their pub food, I've really enjoyed everything that I've tried. But so far, my two favorites are their Bangers n’ Mashed and the Corned Beef n’ Cabbage. If you've had the opportunity to taste these dishes across the proverbial pond, then you will be pleased with what Hoplite has accomplished here. Both offerings are significant and you won't walk away feeling hungry. Toss in a Rugby game on one of their numerous TV's, and I'd probably never leave.

Some of the other menu selections that I've tasted and would recommend are the Sheppard's Pie, Reuben, Fish & Chips and the Meatloaf (it doesn't come with carrots but they'll include a few if you ask). On the appetiser list, their onion rings are very good and have a little kick similar to Outback's Blooming Onion. I'm also a big fan of the chicken legs that are served hot, BBQ & plain. Mind you, these are actually full size legs so don't order dozen as an appetizer.

The outside beer garden is very welcoming and makes for a nice place to just hang out with friends and enjoy a cold beverage. I always felt that when Tuscan Grill occupied the space, they never made good use of that unique and inviting area.

So if you haven't checked them out, there is no time like now. And while you're there, say hello to the affable owner Chazz. He's easy to spot, just look for the guy who played college football...you'll know.

Hoplite Pub on Facebook
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