June 8, 2010

Cape Cod Times: Great White Returns to the Cape

Here's a follow-up to the earlier post about tagging/trackings sharks in Cape Cod:

Sharks likely headed back for Cape seal meals
By Doug Fraser
June 05, 2010

At least one of the great white sharks that lingered in the waters off Chatham last summer appears headed back our way.

The last of the satellite tags attached to five great white sharks off Chatham in September was found off North Carolina a few weeks ago.

Successful 2009 tagging of great white shark off ChathamData retrieved from three of the previously collected tags indicate the quintet of marine predators stayed in local waters through September before making a straight run down to Florida, where they remained in one area for the winter.

But Greg Skomal, the state Division of Marine Fisheries' lead shark researcher, said there is some evidence the final tag may have detached itself from its shark in March and has been floating north with the Gulf Stream ever since...

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