March 29, 2010

Great White Sharks: Taking a Ride Down to Florida

Here's an interesting article about the East Coast migration of great white sharks. Researchers up in Cape Cod tagged five whites in September and were able to track their movements down to Florida. It was the first successful tagging of great whites in the Atlantic using satellite technology.

Here's a snippet from the article discussing the sharks brief visit to North Carolina:

During their southern migration, the white sharks remained on the continental shelf and continued to rise and descend through the water column, on an almost daily basis. By mid to late October, they were off the coast of North Carolina. The first tags to surface indicate that two of the sharks arrived off the coast of northern Florida by early December, and remained in this region until their tags popped loose, as they are designed to do.

Although the sharks moved between the surface and the bottom, they spent more than 90 percent of their time at depths less than 150 feet. One of the sharks exhibited a deviation from this pattern when it entered the Gulf Stream off North Carolina for 10 days in early November and exhibited daily dives to depths as great as 1,500 feet.

Check out the complete article from the Martha's Vineyards Times

Rodeo shark photo credit
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