January 5, 2010

The Treehouse Bistro Review in the Wilmington Star

Treehouse offers hidden comforts on high
Wilmington Star
By Liz Biro

Treehouse life is the idyllic existence about which many adults fantasize long after the on-high hut Dad built (or promised) is memory.

Living detached as Swiss Family Robinson or, perhaps better yet, among cookie-baking elves tempts mercilessly when life's pressures encourage escape.

Grown-up responsibilities squash the dream but never the desire to scramble to that elevated place from where the overwhelming world appears a more manageable size.

Of course, snacks, drinks and friendly banter pervade these happy dreams, which are fulfilled, even if only for a short while, at Carolina Beach's Treehouse Bistro.

Tucked into the top floor of a two-story wenge, wooden house on stilts, this part coffee shop, part wine/tapas bar is a big kids' clubhouse...

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