January 8, 2010

A Sad Day for the Island--Snow's Cut Monthly Shuts Down

Dear Snow's Cut Monthly Reader,

After thinking long and hard about things over the last few weeks, we have decided to discontinue Snow's Cut Monthly indefinitely. We cannot express our gratitude enough for your support and belief in the magazine and wish we were delivering better news. As for the SCM E-news...it will return after a brief hiatus.

Click here for a complete explanation.

Some of you might be mad at us, but just know that we’ve worked long hard hours to bring you a great magazine (at no cost for the first three years) and always had the best interests of the community in mind. If you’re upset, try to imagine how we feel.

In the meantime, we are absolutely committed to the popular Pleasure Island Vacation Guide that we launched last summer and the Vacation Coupons Book (now in its 7th year).

As always…thanks for reading,

Mike and Janet Hoffer
Snow's Cut Media
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