June 29, 2009

Carolina Beach's Floating Convenience Store

In this week's Island Gazette, they had a cool story about a floating convenience store that operates around the Carolina Beach Inlet. The Bait Barge caters to boaters and sells both live and frozen bait, ice, snacks, beverages, sun block, and many other items.

Talk about a sweet job location...I'm sure they don't suffer from a lack of job applicants.

Check out the full Island Gazette story.
(Photo from the Gazette story)

June 26, 2009

Carolina Beach--Old School Beaches and a Rocking Doughnut Shop

The Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC)
June 26, 2009

...Carolina Beach
This beach still has a bit of an old school flavor, especially at night.

Wednesday night there was a DJ blasting oldies at the boardwalk, while children rode the carnival rides and about 100 adults played cash bingo just a few feet from the beach.

We had dinner with some of my friends at El Zarape, a Mexican place right on the main drag in Carolina Beach. It was fairly typical Mexican food, but it's always good to know where you can get reliable and safe food when you are out of town. This place was good for that.

Britt's Donuts

This places rocks.

Open since 1939, Britt's Donuts has the best donuts I have ever tasted.

This unassuming spot was probably my favorite shop or restaurant that we visited.
It is just a simple counter with a very simple menu.

They have donuts, coffee and soda. That's it. And it's not a bunch of different flavors. It's one flavor: glazed.

So don't order a chocolate filled or something like that. Just say, "I want two donuts and a coffee." Better yet, make it a half dozen.

We went there Wednesday night and we just had to go back Thursday morning before we left Carolina Beach. Britt's Donuts is awesome...

Read complete article with photos.

Jack Mackerel's Goes Viral

I came across this commercial-like video of Jack Mackerel's and thought I would give it a mention here. I'm a big fan of JM's because both their food and service are consistently good. Not to mention, they have a great roof-top area for an evening cocktail and appetizer. All in all, they are one of the restaurants on the Island that I always recommend to out of town visitors.


June 25, 2009

Victor, a Category 4 Hurricane, Strikes Pleasure Island NC

Ouch, that has an ugly sound to it. But this past Tuesday, more than 50 disaster officials and other emergency personnel met at the New Hanover County Department of Emergency Management to discuss the potential impacts of a major hurricane on our area. In this case, the fictitious scenario was based on a category 4 hurricane named Victor.

Their conclusions about the potential severity of flooding in the greater Wilmington area (and particularly our area) is quite the eye opener. Without any doubt, if there is a storm of that magnitude heading our way, I'll be having my hurricane party far, far inland.

Check the article out at Wrightsville Beach's
Lumina News

June 24, 2009

Let's Talk Sea Turtles

Now that area sea turtle nesting is in full swing, both Pleasure Island NC State Parks are offering free public talks on area sea turtle programs and various conservation efforts.

"Sea Turtles of Pleasure Island"
When: Every Wednesday at 7:00pm until August 12th.
Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project will be presenting a talk on sea turtles at the Carolina Beach State Park visitor center at 7:00 p.m. Learn about threatened and endangered sea turtles nesting and hatching on our beaches from May - October, and how you can help protect these magnificent creatures. For more information contact the park office at (910) 458-8206 or the PISTP (910)538-2918

"Turtle Talk"
When: June 27th at 2:00pm.
This is our most popular program! We will discuss the mysteries of sea turtles. Find out what local conservation efforts are in place to bring them back from the edge of extinction. Also, find out what you can do to help these amazing creatures.

June 23, 2009

4th Annual Pro Am Silvagni Benefit Surf Contest August 1st & 2nd

What: 4th Annual Pro/Am Silvagni Benefit Surf Contest
When: August 1st & 2nd - Event starts at 8:00am
Where: Hamlet St. beach access
Cause: All proceeds benefit Andrew Silvagni and the Lyme Disease Foundation
Note: Win a custom made Perfection Surfboard. Tickets are $1 each or you can get 7 tickets for $5. Tickets may be purchased at Beach Dogs in Carolina Beach. Drawing to be held at the end of the event on the 2nd.

For more information: http://www.surfschoolnc.com/

June 21, 2009

Pleasure Island, NC Named "Best Bets For Family Fishing In North Carolina"

North Carolina Game & Fish
By Jeff Samsel
June 2009

There’s no need to choose between a family vacation and a fishing trip — you can do both at once at these great locations!

A nice thing about vacationing at the beach is that when the summer sun really sizzles, a dip in the ocean is never far away. For fishermen, it’s even better, because an angler (or family of anglers) can stand in the surf and fish at the same time. Pleasure Island, which contains both Carolina Beach and Kure Beach, offers a terrific blend of opportunities to North Carolina anglers who want to combine an ocean vacation with a summer fishing trip. Pier-fishing and surf-fishing are just a couple of the many angling opportunities that are well suited for families visiting Pleasure Island during the summer...

Read the full article

June 12, 2009

Message in a Bottle Lands at Fort Fisher Beach

There's just something cool about a 'message in a bottle' story. Over the last year or so, I've seen a few of these stories pop up in the media including one tale of a bottle recently found in Corolla, NC after being deposited in the ocean off of New Jersey in 1969. Side note: a sibling of the note writer left a comment on our blog.

So I figure, if I think they are interesting stories, maybe some others do as well. So with that said, here's a MIAB (geek acronym for message in a bottle) story recently reported by WECT about a bottle launched from the Canary Islands in Spain and found here at Fort Fisher, NC.

To add a little flair to the story, I've included a visual aid (geek term for something to look at).

WECT Story

June 11, 2009

Win a Free Week at the Carolina Beach Marriott

What better way to see all the improvements being made on Pleasure Island then by enjoying a free week long vacation at the Courtyard Marriott? But hurry with your entry, the contest ends June 30, 2009

The winner will receive the following:
•Seven nights at the Courtyard Marriott Carolina Beach on the oceanfront
•Breakfast buffet each day for up to four people
•2 beach chairs with an umbrella every day for seven days
•Four tickets to the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
•A $200 shopping voucher, a $100 dinner voucher, and a $200 gas card
•A $500 travel voucher
Enter today! The sweepstakes ends June 30, 2009.

Enter Here

June 10, 2009

Break The Grip of The Rip! NOAA's Rip Current Awareness Week June 7-13

Rip currents are powerful, channeled currents of water flowing away from shore. They typically extend from the shoreline, through the surf zone, and past the line of breaking waves. Rip currents can occur at any beach with breaking waves, including the Great Lakes.

Rip currents can be killers. The United States Lifesaving Association estimates that the annual number of deaths due to rip currents on our nation's beaches exceeds 100. Rip currents account for over 80% of rescues performed by surf beach lifeguards.

The greatest safety precaution that can be taken is to recognize the danger of rip currents and always remember to swim at beaches with lifeguards. The United States Lifesaving Association has calculated the chance that a person will drown while attending a beach protected by USLA affiliated lifeguards at 1 in 18 million. If caught in a rip current at an unguarded beach, how you respond could make the difference between life and death.

NOAA's National Weather Service and National Sea Grant Program, in partnership with the United States Lifesaving Association, are working together to raise awareness about the dangers of rip currents. Research is also being conducted in order to develop and improve the ability to predict the occurrence and strength of rip currents. The goal of the awareness campaign and research is to reduce the number of rip current related fatalities.

A daily rip current outlook is included in the Surf Zone Forecast, which is issued by many National Weather Service offices. A three-tiered structure of low, moderate, high is used to describe the rip current risk. This outlook is communicated to lifeguards, emergency management, media and the general public.

With increasing coastal populations, rip currents will continue to be a serious hazard at surf beaches. The NOAA Rip Current web site is designed to provide educational material as well as real time information about the rip current risk. The time you take to understand rip currents can help you protect yourself and your loved ones when visiting the beaches.

Dr. Rob Brander: Understanding a rip current

ExpertVillage.com: How to Identify & Avoid Rip Currents

Basic Rip Current Mechanics
1. Waves break on the sand bars before they break in the channel area.
2. Wave breaking causes an increase in water level over the bars relative to the channel level.
3. A pressure gradient is created due to the higher water level over the bars.
4. This pressure gradient drives a current alongshore (the feeder current).
5. The longshore currents converge and turn seaward, flowing through the low area or channel between the sand bars.(Diagram courtesy NOAA National Weather Service)

If Caught in a Rip Current
1. Remain calm to conserve energy and think clearly.
2. Never fight against the current.
3. Think of it like a treadmill that cannot be turned off, which you need to step to the side of.
4. Swim out of the current in a direction parallel to the shoreline.
5. When free of the current, swim toward shore.
6. If you are unable to swim out of a rip current, float or calmly tread water. When out of the current and are no longer being pulled out, swim towards shore at an angle away from the current.
7. If you are still unable to reach shore, draw attention to yourself by waving your arm and yelling for help.

If You See Someone in Trouble, Don't Become a Victim Too:
1. Get help from a lifeguard.
2l If a lifeguard is not available, have someone call 9-1-1.
3. Throw the rip current victim something that floats--a lifejacket, a cooler, an inflatable ball.
4. Yell instructions on how to escape.
*Remember, many people drown while trying to save someone else from a rip current.

Additional Reference material: http://www.ocean.udel.edu/ripcurrents/characteristics/index.html

June 7, 2009

Michael's Seafood Chowder Best in the Nation!

As reported here last month on Carolina Beach Today, Michael's Seafood was invited to attend the 28th Annual Schweppes Great Chowder Cook-Off in Rhode Island. Well, it was just reported by WWAY that Michael's has won fist place. Congrats to Micheal's and way to bring the gold home to Carolina Beach!!!

June 1, 2009

Wilmington, NC...Alligators Preferred Vacation Destination?

alligator wilmington, ncOne wouldn't be faulted for thinking that we were under a gator siege here in Wilmington. Lately, it seems the local news have been reporting quite a few alligator incidents throughout the area. But since spotting one is still fairly rare (and kinda cool), I thought I'd post a listing of some of the recent local gator tales.

Alligator at the Cape Fear River
Brunswick County gator is a handful (video)
Eight foot Alligator refuses to leave River Road
Ten foot gator roams Forest Hills Drive
Cat vs. Alligator: Cat 0, Alligator 1

Photo Credit: Wilmington Star
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