November 5, 2009

The Fifth Annual Flat Bottom Girls Flounder Tournament

November 4, 2009
(Although this is not a Pleasure Island event, we are posting it here because the tournament is for a wonderful cause that should be supported by everyone in the Wilmington area)

Wrightsville Beach, NC: Don’t forget Fish for Tomorrow’s 5th Annual Flat Bottom Girls Flounder Tournament on Saturday, November 6 & 7.

The tournament is an ingenious way of replenishing the Cape Fear Region’s depleted flounder stock. The “live weigh-in” format means that the fish are kept alive so that they can be donated to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and North Carolina State University. Eggs are taken from pregnant females and fertilized to grow a new generation of flounder.

Last year 15 boats participated in the event which is held at the Dockside Marina in Wrightsville Beach. The cost is $125 per boat and the first 15 largest flounder will bring guaranteed prizes of $100 to $1,000. The Captains meeting will be held at the Triangle Lounge on Friday, November 6 and the tournament will officially begin at daylight on Saturday, November 7.

Fish for Tomorrow was formed as a response to the dwindling numbers of flounder left in the wild in the Cape Fear Region. Their goal is to rebuild the flounder population levels and promote sustainable fishing practices. They hope to achieve these goals by:

· Restocking flounder in local waters. Their hatchery program at South Brunswick High School has resulted in the release of millions of flounder hatchlings in the last two years.
· Placing artificial reef material into near and inshore protected areas to provide a good habitat for flounder.
· Working closely with the existing Oyster Recycling program. This program creates new oyster reefs from recycled oyster shells which also provide a good habitat for flounder.

Call Tim Barefoot at (910) 264-9118 for more information.
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