September 4, 2009

Welcome Surf House (Review)

Carolina Beach has a new dining establishment in town. The Surf House, which is located at 604 N. Lake Park Blvd, opened last month. In addition to being a cafe', they are also a surf retail shop. I haven't been by yet, but their light menu looks promising and according to the folks at NC Paddle Surfer, their food is "excellent." I look forward to stopping by and trying them out, I'm especially eyeing their organic salads.

They have an online menu which we have added to our menu list as well as a blog (added to our Pleasure Island blog roll in the lower right column). In their latest blog posting, they have a video (it's a tad dark) which gives you an idea of how the inside of their shop looks. From what I can see, it looks inviting.

We wish them the best of luck with their business as we are always pleased to see a new dining establishment make its way to the island.

EDIT 09/05/09
: My wife and I gave them a try this evening. We ordered a few things in order to get a broader sample. We had the fish (Tuna) tacos which came with a fruit salad, a spinach salad which was the special and a BLT wrap w/ potato salad. The verdict...everything was excellent.

The fish tacos are easily on top of the list for best on the island. The accompanying fruit salad was extremely tasty and was mixed with field greens and what I believe to be pickled radishes. It truly was delicious and worth a visit on its own right. The spinach salad (with pears) was fantastic. It was light yet satisfying and it was an ample salad portion. The BLT with a spinach wrap was equally good. As mentioned in the comment section, the potato salad was top notch and I highly recommend it as a side choice.

Lastly, they were offer four different types of cakes and all were SUBSTANTIAL in size. We went with a 3 layer chocolate marble cake slice and boy howdy, it was goooooood. I mean really good!

All in all, I give this place very high marks. I most definitely will be back to try some of their other offerings in the future.
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