September 2, 2009

USAF and UFO Dogfight Over NC Coast

First it was a UFO sighting over Kure Beach and now we have a UFO sighting over Salter Path, NC (Emerald Isle area). Unlike the KB sighting, this one was much more involved and included US fighter jets. I'm not sure why illegal aliens are harassing our coastal residents but these extraterrestrials should really consider daytime reconnaissance if their purpose is to girl watch.

Now, if you look at the location of Salter Path, you may notice that this sighting was near the site where recently hundreds of sharks appeared. After consulting with our in-house shark and UFO experts, we feel safe in stating that the two anomalies are not related. At least we don't think they are.

But before I stop yammering and get on with the actual UFO story, I have a question to pose. Why is it we do not have proof that UFO's exist? Is it because they don't want us to know that they visit our world so they go to great lengths to avoid contact? If this is so, might I make a suggestion to them? Turn off your damn lights. You have the technology to travel light years to get to our planet yet you can't seem to fly your saucer crafts without driving lights. Have they not invented night vision technology or radar yet ? Talk about an export opportunity for us.

UFOs over North Carolina - Family Watches UFO over North Carolina

Here is a report submitted through MUFON open files, August, 2009. On August 12, a family was sitting on the beach at Salter Path, North Carolina, which is one of their favorite vacation spots. Relaxing and watching the sky, they witnessed what they thought at first was a very bright star.

The object was moving, however, and was soon followed by a small red object. Soon, the red object disappeared. The white object made erratic movements, appearing to spin around, in a twirling motion.

Before long, this object moved close enough to the beach for the family to determine it was disc-shaped, and indeed spinning. It began to fly away from them, but was soon replaced by a second object of the same description.

UFOs Joined by Planes

When the second object began to fly away also, two military planes appeared, seeming to give chase to the UFOs.

The family had watched these events for an amazing 45 minutes, and when the two UFOs had almost left their field of view, a third, low -flying plane moved into view. It appeared to be keeping watch on the other two military planes.

Still wondering in awe at what they had witnessed, about twenty minutes later some type of craft could be seen hovering over the lake. The family could see that it had two red lights, one on each side, and a white light in the center. Also, the underside of the craft seemed to glow an orange-white color, and was directed toward the water.

The Skies are Clear

Eventually, the skies were clear again, but it seems quite evident that the family had witnessed something extraordinary - UFOs, evidently picked up by radar, or air reconnaissance. The military craft, sent up to confront them, were more than likely from nearby Johnson Air Force Base.

The family added that they were all quite familiar with planes and helicopters in the area, having visited the same beach for 19 years, and being active in watching the skies.

However, they had never seen any flying craft like the ones they saw in 2009. They emphatically assert that the moves and speeds of the UFOs were far advanced of any military craft we have today. What exactly did the family see? We may never know for certain, but it was not your typical night on the beach.

UFO map
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