September 30, 2009

Humpback Whale Washes Ashore in Gloucester County, VA

What do you do when a 30' humpback whale washes ashore on private party? Who is responsible for disposing of the whale? Unfortunately, for one Virginia family, they found themselves confronted with this exact problem.

But alas, their problem was short lived. Since the dead whale was of interest to Marine Biologists with the Virginia Aquarium's Stranding Team, the aquarium has taken over and will oversee the removal. As of now, a private towing company has been contracted to remove the 20 ton whale. The carcass will be towed to an uninhabited island and secured to keep it away from boat traffic. (If there is a video of the whale removal, which I assume there will be, I'll add it to this post later).

Here's the latest from WTKR:

Whale still photo credit

UPDATE 10/01/2009--WTKR exclusive coverage of the whale carcass being removed:
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