September 1, 2009

A Grand "Grand Opening" at the Treehouse Bistro

On September 9th, the Treehouse Bistro will be hosting the Pleasure Island Chamber of Commerce social as well as celebrating their Grand Opening. The social is from 5:30pm to 7:00pm and from there, they will roll right into the Grand Opening. Now, from what I gather by reading the Treehouse Bistro website, the general public is welcome during the Chamber social so the lines between the social and the Grand Opening are a bit blurry (or is that the influence of wine?). Bottom line, head down to the Treehouse Bistro sometime after 5:30pm.

Now, I must say that this is truly a must attend event for me. Why, you may ask? Well, because Shawn sent me the following email...and if he and Joel are able to come even close to delivering on these promises, well, I really need to be there as this sounds like some serious fun.

"It is going to be a total freakin blowout, with two bands, food cooked outside, four wine vendors with samples, Budweiser, and who knows what else. We will have tents and tables outside, and it will probably be the biggest grand opening the island has seen since...well...freakin ever!"

So what more can I say...I'll see you at the Treehouse Bistro next Wednesday! I'll be the one sleeping in the corner after killing off a bottle of the Robert Craig Cab. That is seriously one heck of a good vino! My other two favorites that they serve are the Domaine Serene Evenstad Reserve and the Michael David Petite Petit. Just talking about them makes me want to head for the wine rack.

For more information:

Shawn & Joel's favorite customer:

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