August 18, 2009

Reduce the Speed Limit on River Road to 45mph?

WILMINGTON, NC (whqr) - Many Wilmington drivers know River Road as the fastest way to Carolina Beach with the speed limit reaching fifty-five miles per hour.

As new developments sprout-up, the North Carolina Department of Transportation recommends that the speed limit be lowered from fifty-five to forty-five on some sections of the road.

Councilman Ronnie Sparks says he knows that stretch of road sees its share of accidents, so he's looking into the possibility.

Also on the agenda, the City Council will vote to award a two-million dollar renovation contract for Thalian Hall and a million dollar contract for new tennis and basketball courts at Empie Park.
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Personally, I'd prefer the speed limit to stay at the current 55mph because many people don't even travel at that speed. If they drop it 45mph, some folks will most likely putt along in the 30's. And that sure would make for a long drive on River Road.
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