August 31, 2009

Leatherback Sea Turtle Nest Now Under Round the Clock Surveillance

They may not pack heat like the Secret Service but volunteers with the Pleasure Island Sea Turtle Project are on the job and their number one priority is ensuring the health and welfare of their this case, a large patch of sand. But there is 'gold' in that sand. Approximately three feet below is a leatherback sea turtle nest and it is nearing its hatching point. In other words, that special spot of sand is about to come to life.

With the pending hatching nearing, many are beginning to take interest in the nest and we happen to be part of that group. It's pretty cool when you think that this massive mama turtle found its way to our beach and now the fruits of her labor are about to arrive. And in case you haven't heard, this is a historic first as there has never been a leatherback sea turtle nest on Carolina Beach.

Here's an interesting news piece by News 14 about the nest:

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