August 10, 2009

Island Greenway Update

Island Greenway
Here is an email from Mike Kirkbride who is spearheading the Island Greenway effort:

Just to update everyone of the process we are in:

Due to the number of members/supporters of the Island Greenway, it has become rather unwieldy for me. Going forward, the Island Greenway will be using as a communication tool. ReachPeople will allow efficient communications among its members. Accordingly, any member who has not already signed up with, please click on the link below to sign up and connect with the Island Greenway. Once you create your contact card, the platform will prompt you to share it with the Island Greenway.

We have worked out a solution for Snow’s Cut bridge to provide 5 foot Bike pedestrian path on the inbound and outbound lanes. It was not a unanimous decision from NCDOT, but it passed and that is the important thing. To implement those modifications to the Snow’s Cut Bridge we still need to fund the project which NCDOT estimates at $800,000.

We are still working on securing easement language at a meeting in the next week or two for the Carolina beach portion of the Island greenway, that is agreeable to the Army, Carolina Beach and New Hanover county. Once that hurdle is overcome, New Hanover county will submit that easement request to the Army Real-estate headquarters in Savannah Georgia.

In the mean time we have been working on securing grant/stimulus money for the Carolina Beach portion of our Island Greenway along with New Hanover County’s North-South regional pathways through our State representatives.

Enclosed are details of a tour From Pittsburgh to Washington D.C. that Bethel Paris is inviting us to join. . It’s a great opportunity to learn first hand the variety of conditions, how the trails have affected the communities touched by them, & ways that “Friends of the Trails” help with maintenance.

As to my contribution to this summer of fun I will be bringing back a report on Breckenridge Colorado and my experience of how their community has adapted to a bike pedestrian community model based on my 2 month vacation here. I can already say that to move to this model for our island would provide quiet enjoyment, health and fitness to residents and visitors that our island has not experienced in 30-40 years.

Michael L. Kirkbride
Web site:
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