August 23, 2009

Hurricane Bill Stirs Up the Waves at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area.

Yesterday's passing of Hurricane Bill several hundred miles East of Pleasure Island led to some increased wave activity (6-8'). Unfortunately, both the North End (Freeman Park) and the South End (Fort Fisher) were closed to 4x4 traffic due to the potential for overwash conditions. All area beaches were closed to swimmers; however, surfers were allowed to enter the water.

Here are a few pictures from the swimming area at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Visitor Center. As you can see, Park Rangers and lifeguards did allow people to wade into the water up to their knees. But anyone who attempted to go in deeper were met with the sounds of alarming whistles by watchful authorities. (FYI, the water was quite muddy due to the increased swells).

(Click pics for full size)

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