July 12, 2009

Sea Turtles Galore at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

Thank you to our blog reader Jeff. Yesterday, he gave a heads up that there were some sea turtle nests at the Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. So yesterday afternoon I headed out with the camera to check them out and soak up a little sun It was a gorgeous day in the mid 80's with no humidity. A steady ocean breeze was providing nature's ever present air conditioning.

Well to my surprise, I ended up counting eight nests along the 4x4 driving area. Two of the nests were in the roped off bird nesting areas and the remainder were on the beach strand As one picture shows, there was one spot where three nests were visible in one short stretch of beach.

BTW, the reason there are cages over the nests is to protect the eggs from red foxes who roam the island. For years now, it has been a constant battle to keep foxes at bay and give both sea turtle and bird eggs a chance to hatch. It is extremely important that everyone who visits the ocean front park do their part and leave the beach cleaner than they found it. When folks leave trash or food scraps behind, it attracts land predators to the beach jeopardizing all the nests.

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