July 27, 2009

Bears and Alligators on the NC Coast

alligator oceanAs many of you have probably already read, there has been a few stories of late about alligators engaging in some body surfing activities at NC beaches (two separate incidents to be exact). Now in each of these cases, the alligators accidentally ended up in the ocean and area officials had to work diligently to get them back to their natural habitat as the sea is no place for a fresh water gator. But nonetheless, photos of a gator moving about in the ocean surf catches one's attention.

Here are a few of the recent gator surfing stories:
Wilmington Star
ENC Today
Jacksonville Daily News

So I just spent a little time looking through youtube to see if anyone captured a home video of one of these gators. Unfortunately, I didn't find any videos although there is some news footage included with some of the above stories.

But interesting enough, as I was searching youtube, I came across this fantastic video of a black bear meandering down the road at the Alligator Reserve which is near the Outer Banks. As one who has traveled up there on several occasions and eyed the 'bear crossing' road signs, I had begun to wonder if there really were bears in that area. This video answered that question.

alligator river national wildlife
So hopefully, these cuddly critters that are roaming near our Carolina shores are not enough to scare you from visiting our beautiful beaches. Personally, I would be thrilled to have one of these encounters in person. So come on down and enjoy yourselves. All is safe in coastal North Carolina.

PS. I won't mention the
shark bite that occurred last week at Holden Beach...we'll keep that story on the down low for now.
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