June 26, 2009

Carolina Beach--Old School Beaches and a Rocking Doughnut Shop

The Daily Reflector (Greenville, NC)
June 26, 2009

...Carolina Beach
This beach still has a bit of an old school flavor, especially at night.

Wednesday night there was a DJ blasting oldies at the boardwalk, while children rode the carnival rides and about 100 adults played cash bingo just a few feet from the beach.

We had dinner with some of my friends at El Zarape, a Mexican place right on the main drag in Carolina Beach. It was fairly typical Mexican food, but it's always good to know where you can get reliable and safe food when you are out of town. This place was good for that.

Britt's Donuts

This places rocks.

Open since 1939, Britt's Donuts has the best donuts I have ever tasted.

This unassuming spot was probably my favorite shop or restaurant that we visited.
It is just a simple counter with a very simple menu.

They have donuts, coffee and soda. That's it. And it's not a bunch of different flavors. It's one flavor: glazed.

So don't order a chocolate filled or something like that. Just say, "I want two donuts and a coffee." Better yet, make it a half dozen.

We went there Wednesday night and we just had to go back Thursday morning before we left Carolina Beach. Britt's Donuts is awesome...

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